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Our outsourcing process

We will recruit and assess candidates, and present short-listed candidates to you for selection. Once hired, your team will work from our modern offices in the Philippines - under our direct supervision


How does outsourcing work?


Discovery & Planning

We first need to learn about your repetitive business processes, so we are crystal clear on the exact type of Team we need to build for you. We'll ask questions such as; How many people do you need? What skills and experience are required of each team member? What ratio of managers to rank and file staff is optimal? What hours would you like your team to work? We need to fully understand your company's manpower needs and long-term growth strategy.


Recruitment & Assessment

Get a detailed outsourcing proposal with pricing. Once signed, and Advance Payment is received, we'll immediately begin recruitment of your very own, custom Team in the Philippines. Our recruitment and assessment methods are highly advanced. The client is welcome to conduct the final interview. Recruitment usually takes 2-3 weeks.


Interviewing & Selection

Our Talent Acquisition Team interview the candidates multiple times by phone and in-person well before they are endorsed to the client. We will also coordinate interviews with you and the shortlisted candidates. We typically get 50-100 resumes or more per job opening, and narrow it down to a few shortlisted candidates for final interviews. It is not required for the client to personally interview the shortlisted candidates. Many clients leave it up to us to make the final decision.


Job Offer & Negotiations

We handle all job offers and negotiations with your candidates. Our goal is to negotiate a favorable yet very competitive compensation package and create a win, win, win. Our transparent model makes sure the employee, company and client are all perfectly aligned. This is the fairest for all parties concerned.


Training & On-Boarding

You are always welcome to visit the Philippines to train your staff in person. In some cases, our staff have gone to our client's offices as well. Efficient knowledge transfers enable teams to flourish. We encourage video training and implementing a train-the-trainer model wherein your staff guide ours in developing the skills and knowledge they need to deliver the course to subsequent hires themselves.


Performance Management

As the adage goes, "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it", so we'll be sure to help you manage performance and track your most important metrics in the "Scorecard". Key performance metrics (KPIs) should be aggressive, yet achievable, in order to align team performance with your company's long-term objectives. Let us drive the performance of the Team.


HR Management

Anyone who has ever done business in the Philippines knows that HR compliance is a major challenge. You must always follow due process to the letter, with little margin for error.  Once hired, we will comply with all government requirements here in the Philippines, administering payroll and benefits twice a month, according to Philippines labor law. We will also prepare remittances to Philippine government agencies.

Annual Review

We'll perform an Annual Review and Critical Skills Gap Analysis to identify the various skills that your Team needs to properly perform their duties compared, to the skills they currently possess, to determine if there is a difference between the two. Any gaps are identified and remediated to optimize performance of individuals,  and the team.

Performance Management 

As the adage goes, "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it", so we'll be sure to help you manage performance and track your most important metrics in the "Scorecard". Key performance metrics (KPIs) should be aggressive, yet achievable, in order to align team performance with the company's long-term objectives. 


HR Management

We don't just perform your processes, we help you improve them month after month, year after year. In addition to your Team Lead, you'll also be provided with a dedicated Client Liaison, who serves as an escalation point. We also administer pay and benefits twice a month.


Annual Review 

We'll perform an annual performance review to make sure each team member is exceeding expectations. We'll also conduct strategic planning for next year to make sure your goals are achieved.

What's included with your Filipino Team?

The Right Environment

Your Team works from our modern offices in the Philippines and is provided computers, desks, phones and ergonomic chair.

The Right Management

Benefit from our strong international management Team with decades of combined experience who live in the Philippines.

The Right People

We'll find the affordable talent your business needs, whether they be Entry-Level, Mid-Level, or seasoned experts and managers.

The Right Tools

We’ll provide your Team with up-to-date technologies and tools they need to provide top-quality outsourcing solutions.

The Right Price

Enjoy tremendous cost-savings by outsourcing to the Philippines with us. Maximize your ROI for every dollar spent on labor.

The Right Service

With a well-rounded offshore Team, you can operate your business around the clock, and in other ways that weren’t possible before.

Request a Proposal

Request an outsourcing proposal

Request a detailed outsourcing proposal and find out the monthly cost of your team in the Philippines.

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Do you have a document that describes your outsourcing needs, such as a Request for Proposal or Job Descriptions? It typically takes just 1-2 days to put together a detailed proposal.