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What is a CAD Designer?

A CAD (Computer-aided design) Designer, or CAD drafter, uses computer-aided design systems to create technical drawings for building construction and product manufacturing. He fills out these drawings with specifications, methods, and codes. A CAD Designer can work within different specialties such as architectural, mechanical and civil.

What Does a CAD Designer Do?

A CAD Designer uses software to create design plans for buildings and machinery. He creates detailed drawings wherein all the inputs from different teams are incorporated. These are technical drawings which are filled with specific details such as color, dimensions, materials, codes, and even production method. A CAD Designer could work in a wide range of industries, such as engineering, construction and manufacturing.

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How Do I Hire a CAD Designer?

Employers typically prefer CAD drafters who have completed at least a two-year associate's degree program at a technical school or community college; however, completion of a bachelor's degree program can enhance opportunities. As a CAD Designer, a knowledge of engineering design principles, and good communication and presentation skills are necessary. It is best to get the services of an outsourcing company for this kind of position. They will ensure that you will get the right person who gets the job done.

How Much Does a CAD Designer Cost?

A CAD Designer based at an office, working at a CAD design workstation or on a PC has a lower pay compared to those asked to work on site for a project. And of course, Senior CAD Designers earn more than Junior CAD technicians since they are more experienced.