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At a Glance: Data Entry Specialist


What is a Data Entry Specialist?

Data entry services are beneficial to various industries because they reduce administrative burdens, save time and reduce costs. The individuals behind this important service are called Data Entry Specialists. A Data Entry Specialist, or data entry keyer, is a person who gathers data from a variety of paper documents and enters it into an electronic data system for storage and analysis. They serve as the middle person between representatives and back office archives. They have keen attention to details, have above average typing speed with almost perfect accuracy, and leave no room for mistakes knowing it can create a domino effect of issues. They help the other employees and management keep track of the information the company receives and uses it to utilize their resources more for lead generation and especially sales.

What Does a Data Entry Specialist Do?

A Data Entry specialist inputs data quickly and accurately from different resources. It is their primary job to keep all records updated for the database of the company. They are very keen on details since they handle data not limited to just texts such as location, names, and reports. They can also input digits such as contact numbers, bills, checks and other reports. A Data Entry specialist has knowledge in computer software and is very proficient in shortcut keys and computer use.

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How Do I Hire a Data Entry Specialist?

Data entry service is very in-demand which is why more people are learning to be computer literate. Understanding how to use a keyboard, typing, as well as knowledge of basic office applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets and databases, are also helpful for a career in data entry. Second is good vision. The candidate must see and read information which might not be clear or legible. And lastly, the candidate must have time management skills for any delay on a project isn't acceptable.

How Much Does a Data Entry Specialist Cost?

A Data Entry Specialist’s cost depends on the work background of the employee. Being experienced with the same kind of work can cost a little more than hiring inexperienced individuals but gives you the assurance that they probably know how to do the job well. Experienced specialists often have to ask rates depending on the type of data they will also encode. In addition to a regular salary, many data entry jobs also come with desirable benefits.