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Front-End Developer


What is a Front-End Developer?

A Front-End Developer builds the ‘client-side’ of software applications to ensure a great user experience. They are responsible in translating customer needs into functional, interactive and appealing user experiences. Simply put, what they develop is what's visible to the user.

What Does a Front-End Developer Do?

A Front-End Developer is responsible for developing websites and applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which run natively in a web browser. They collaborate with web designers to create the sublime, interactive experiences that make the web an awesome place. Plus, Front-End Developers optimize web applications to maximize speed and scalability.

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How Do I Hire a Front-End Developer?

In hiring a Front-End Developer, don't be surprised if the candidate has no credentials or educational background to present. A Front-End Developer often shows off what he has built. For them, that's where the weight of the qualification lies. Of course nothing beats having a formal degree in a related field plus good communication skills and the ability to work well with cross functional fields. To easily find a Developer as such, seek the help of outsourcing companies. They make the process of hiring the most suitable employee for your business more convenient for you.

How Much Does a Front-End Developer Cost?

The cost of a Front-End Developer lies on the level of education and years of experience in the field, not to mention a proven track record. With the two vital qualifications plus a degree of creativity and good communication skills, will equal a rate that is a little higher but worth it since you can be sure that the Front-End Developer you are hiring will deliver quality results.