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What is a Help Desk Analyst?

As the role of technology moves forward, the demand for help desk services increases as well. This is the main reason why Help Desk Analysts are deemed valuable by various businesses. A Help Desk Analyst, or technical support specialist, provides customer and technical support for any aspect of the information systems department, including computer hardware, operating systems, applications and networks. An analyst typically works at a remote location, but they may travel to help clients or customers onsite.

What Does a Help Desk Analyst Do?

An Analyst is responsible for assisting companies with their IT customer support. His main duty within this role is to diagnose and resolve hardware and software problems that arise as quickly as possible. When a situation or concern cannot be resolved immediately, he forwards it to the technical support team or to the management. An analyst typically works with customers over the telephone or internet chat.

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How Do I Hire a Help Desk Analyst?

A Help Desk Analyst needs to have a full understanding of the technicalities of a computer system. If you are planning to hire an analyst, he should be able to provide a quick solution to a technically related problem. While doing this, he must not forget to show good customer service and communication skills- in any platform. As the first line of help, it is important that the analyst be able to solve the queries to lessen escalations to the technical support team. Furthermore, the analyst must be knowledgeable in both software and hardware systems.

How Much Does a Help Desk Analyst Cost?

A Help Desk Analyst’s cost depends on various criteria. The basic factor to affect an employee's wage is his educational background. It is important to find out the level of his education to be able to understand if he can handle the requirements for the job. Also, his work experience affects his asking salary. Having an experience in the same field can give them an advantage and an edge compared to other applicants. Most employees hire staff from the Philippines since they provide a lesser cost to the client without compromising the quality of the work they do.