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Network Administrator


What is a Network Administrator?

A Network Administrator, also called a systems administrator, keeps an organization’s computer network up to date and running smoothly. He designs and installs LANs, WANs, internet and intranet systems, and network segments. As a network administrator, a breadth of technical knowledge and the ability to learn the intricacies of new networking and server software packages quickly are required.

What Does a Network Administrator Do?

A Network Administrator is responsible for maintaining computing environment by identifying network requirements; installing upgrades; monitoring network performance. He also diagnoses and fixes problems or potential problems with the network and its hardware, software and systems. A Network Administrator is also tasked to meet financial requirements by submitting information for budgets and monitoring expenses.

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How Do I Hire a Network Administrator?

In hiring a Network Administrator, a degree in computer science, network administration, systems engineering, or a related field of study is a must-have. The candidate must have knowledge in LAN & WAN installation & configuration, routing & switching, and network security training. Effective communication skills is also key, as a network administrator needs to communicate complex ideas and solutions to both technical and non-technical employees. Other key skills include problem solving, strategic planning, multitasking.

How Much Does a Network Administrator Cost?

Demand for these professionals are on the rise as more companies use multiple computers or software platforms needs a network admin to coordinate the different systems. An Administrator's cost depends on three factors: known technologies, certifications and practical field experience.