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What is a PHP Developer?

A PHP Developer is responsible for developing programs, applications, and web sites using the dynamic scripting language PHP. They collaborate with highly skilled professionals to create various applications. Their job requires them to be highly analytical, with good problem solving skills.

What Does a PHP Developer Do?

It is a PHP Developer's job to write, test and maintain the code for web pages and computer graphics programs. They use PHP, a widely used scripting language, to build websites, programs and applications that computers follow to perform functions. They are also responsible for writing, troubleshooting, testing and maintaining the source code for computer programs. If needed, PHP Developers also assist team members in problem solving.

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How Do I Hire a PHP Developer?

In hiring a PHP Developer, you must first check their educational background and relevant working experience. Many PHP developers have a bachelor's degree in software engineering or computer science, but a 2-year degree may also be adequate. As for working experience, you must look for industry-specific experience to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to match your company's needs. To help you find the employee suitable to your needs, seek the service of outsourcing companies. Every candidate that they recommend has been thoroughly screened and vetted ahead of time to make sure you're getting your time and money's worth.

How much Does a PHP Developer Cost?

A PHP Developer's cost lies mainly on the knowledge and proficiency in using PHP, educational background only comes second. For beginner and intermediate PHP developers, the salaries are typically low because the market is saturated. Expect higher salaries for PHP developers if they are into the more advanced areas of PHP development or are more well-rounded since this requires quite a bit of education and training.