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Property Management Assistant


What is a Property Management Assistant?

A Property Management Assistant provides support to all aspects of property management administration. This includes setting up appointments for prospective clients, scheduling maintenance for a property, and even increasing the rent as needed. It is their duty to make sure that administrative tasks are all covered for the manager to verify and approve. Aside from this, they also handle review the property contracts. They need to see to it that the rules of the management are being reinforced properly and accordingly in every property.

What Does a Property Management Assistant Do?

A Property Management Assistant provides administrative and general assistance to a property management company. They often review leasing contracts and track work orders for the properties as requested by the clients. They focus on specific jobs involving transactions and processes in properties. They also conduct rent increases depending on different situations but always in accordance with the company’s policy. It is their primary duty to make sure that all management duties overlooked by the manager are covered well and checked. In addition, they also do general administrative tasks such as scheduling and handling emails in a property management company.

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How Do I Hire a Property Management Assistant?

To hire a Property Management Assistant, you must first understand fully the responsibilities and scope of the job. They should possess effective administrative and client relations skills. Hiring one may require extensive research and background study of the applicant since they will be the ones making sure that all goes well in the properties of your company. In specific job positions like this, staffing companies often keep a pool of talents with the right skill sets and proper knowledge that will ensure you of hiring the perfect employee for the position.

How Much Does a Property Management Assistant Cost?

In hiring a Property Management Assistant, the cost is affected by several factors that you need to consider before giving out an offer. The candidate must have experience associated with administrative duties and possess strong attention to detail with the ability to prioritize and juggle multiple job functions.A strong background in customer service, some basic knowledge of building structures and experience in coordinating and scheduling are essential.