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What is a Title Searcher?

A Title Searcher, or title examiner, is a legal support professional who scours property records to determine whether or not it can be sold. They assist lawyers with many duties, including researching real estate records and examining property titles. Title Searchers have a solid understanding of local, state and federal laws relating to property.

What Does a Title Searcher Do?

A Title Searcher’s tasks may vary based on the needs of the employer, but their responsibilities generally include researching titles, real estate records, and compiling a list of mortgage and other contracts. They report their research findings to attorneys and other legal professionals as needed in determining the legal barriers that exist in the sale of a property.

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What types of Legal staff?

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How Do I Hire a Title Searcher?

In hiring a Title Searcher, you must assess if the candidate has the combination of education in real estate and work experience in the title insurance industry. Furthermore, the candidate must exhibit accuracy and clarity in communication and research since it will help him to properly execute the tasks. If you wish to focus on your goals and get more work done than be burdened with screening countless candidates, seek the help of outsourcing companies. STAFFVIRTUAL, a leading BPO in the Philippines, provides a responsible staffing solution to help you hire an employee who’s skilled, productive and dedicated.

How Much Does A Title Researcher Cost?

The cost of a Title Researcher depends on the research project, completion and the ability to report the findings of their research accurately and clearly against strict deadlines. Also, a Title Researcher who is adept working with computers has a higher chance of getting a good rate.