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Training and Development Specialist


What is a Training and Development Specialist?

A Training and Development Specialist, also known as learning and development officer, plans and administers programs to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to compete effectively and meet the organization's business objectives. A Training and Development Specialist can work at large corporations, financial institutions and governmental agencies.

What Does a Training and Development Specialist Do?

A Training and Development Specialist plays an important role in their company’s HR department. He or she plans, conducts, and administers programs that train employees and improve their skills and knowledge. These programs usually range from a simple new employee orientation that reviews the overall company to a major business process change, information technology usage or health and safety precautions. The results are improved employee productivity, higher employee morale, and increased employee loyalty.

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How Do I Hire a Training and Development Specialist?

A bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration or a related field is a minimum requirement for this position. Certain job competencies must also be exhibited by a training and development specialist to perform his job functions, including basic knowledge of human resources, understanding of adult learning principles, time management and leadership skills. To find the most qualified training and development specialist, it's best to seek the help of outsourcing companies like STAFFVIRTUAL. Our proven track record in the outsourcing industry ensure that you'll not only get a skilled employee, but one driven to perform excellently as well.

How Much Does a Training and Development Specialist Cost?

A Training and Development Specialist’s salary vary widely depending on which sector he is working in, the size and location of the organization, and the level of responsibility. Once a training and development specialist is established, there is a good chance of obtaining a higher salary.