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Executive Recruiter


What is an Executive Recruiter?

An Executive Recruiter, or sometimes called executive headhunter, is a recruiting professional who focuses on filling executive positions within companies and ensuring lasting and successful placements. He or she may work within the organization as a part of their human resource department or can work as a third party recruiter.

What Does an Executive Recruiter Do?

An Executive Recruiter is a recruiting professional who is committed in helping his client find the highest quality management and professional talent that is available. He or she attracts potential employees through a range of means such as media advertising and networking. Many executive recruiters specialize in a particular industry, such as medicine, finance or technology.

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What types of Recruitment staff?

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How Do I Hire an Executive Recruiter?

In hiring an Executive Recruiter, a bachelor's degree or the equivalent related work experience is important. Candidates often pursue a degree in human resources, organizational management or business. As for skills, solid communication and client management are critical. An in-depth knowledge of recruiting methods, including social media, is also important. These days, it's easier and more convenient to find the most suitable executive recruiter through the help of outsourcing companies. The candidates are screened to test both their knowledge and skills that will guarantee satisfactory work results.

How Much Does an Executive Recruiter Cost?

The cost of an executive recruiter is primarily influenced by experience. Also, larger recruiting firms sometimes pay these professionals higher commission rates -- and sometimes bonuses -- to attract the most talented prospects in the industry.