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What is an SEM Specialist?

An SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Specialist, also known as search marketing strategist, helps businesses increase their rankings on search engines like Yahoo, Google, or Bing. He is involved in the organic and paid enhancement of a target website’s ranking. An SEM specialist may work side by side with an SEO specialist, to enhance website traffic through a variety of paid mechanisms.

What Does an SEM Specialist Do?

An SEM Specialist helps develop a revenue-generating website that will promote a company, attract new visitors, convert leads into sales, and produce repeat business. He does this by managing, tracking and testing marketing campaigns, using pay per click (PPC) advertising, writing compelling ad copy, and doing keyword research.

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How Do I Hire an SEM Specialist?

In hiring an SEM Specialist, there are three factors to consider. First, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, information technology or business. Second, proficiency in HTML, CSS and many of the most common programming languages. And lastly, strong analysis of SEM methodologies. As for skills, good communication and writing are essential.

How Much Does an SEM Specialist Cost?

An SEM's cost is influenced by his educational background, work experience and seniority. The top industries for SEM specialists to find high paying jobs are in advertising, government and in professional, scientific, and technical services.