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Q: What does STAFFVIRTUAL do?

Our solutions connect companies with staff in the Philippines at massive scale.

Q: Why should I choose STAFFVIRTUAL?

Proven track record. American owned and managed. High service levels. Been in business almost ten years. Tremendous cost-saving. ISO 2008: 9001 compliant. Modern offices in Los Angeles and Makati, Manila Philippines. We growth hack companies.

Q: When did STAFFVIRTUAL begin?

We started doing business in 2009.

Q: Who is the CEO of STAFFVIRTUAL?

Ike Stranathan is the CEO and Co-Founder of STAFFVIRTUAL. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here!

Q: What are payment terms?

No long-term contracts. Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing.

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What processes are you interested in outsourcing?

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Q: How much do our services cost?

Cost depends on skill level & experience required. Click here to get a quote within 1-2 business days.

Q: How long does it take to find staff?

We can find the professionals you need in as little as 1-2 weeks, it all depends on the skills required, size of team, and recruitment difficulty, among other factors.

Q: Where are your clients?

Because we are incorporated in California, most of our clients are in LA or Silicon Valley. However, we also have clients in Canada, Australia, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Vietnam, and other countries in Europe. Our services are perfect for companies located in countries with high wages & expensive office space.

Q: What industries does STAFFVIRTUAL work?

We are agnostic to industry. If the client has repetitive work that can be done remotely - we can help.

Q: Can I travel to the Philippines and work with my staff?

You are always welcome to visit us in the Philippines! Trust us, the Philippines is a fun place to take a business trip and we enjoy showing our clients around.

Q: What are your core services?

Outsourcing of Customer Support, Back Office, IT Solutions, Content Marketing, Legal & Recruitment process is our core service.

Q: What is Staff Leasing?

Staff Leasing is similar to using a "PEO" where we are the "Employer of Record", but the staff is leased back to you at a monthly or hourly rate.

Q: What types of professionals can you recruit?

We can find you lower level, rank-and-file staff, mid-level staff, and high level, managerial staff.

Q: Can I start with just one person?

Yes, you can start with just one person to begin with, and then grow from there.

Q: Do you do part-time?

Usually No, but we will if we see growth potential, and potential for a long-term business partnership with the client.

Q: Do you do part-time?

Usually No, but we will if we see growth potential, and potential for a long-term business partnership with the client.

Q: Where do they work?

Your staff will work from one of our state-of-the-art facilities, under our direct supervision.

Q: Where do I send my resume/CV?


Q: How do I get a job with STAFFVIRTUAL?

Send your resume to jobs@staffvirtual.com. Visit our Careers Page. Like our Facebook Page.

Q: What's STAFFVIRTUAL's Phone Number in the USA?

+1 310 425 3993

Q: What's STAFFVIRTUAL's Phone Number in Makati, Philippines?

+63 2 798 3993

Q: How do I book a strategy call with STAFFVIRTUAL's experts?

Click here to book a call with us!

Q: How do I get an Outsourcing Quote?

Its fast an easy. We usually get quotes back the same day. Click here to get an Outsourcing Quote today!