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Staff Leasing / PEO



Staff Leasing / PEO Solutions in the Philippines

STAFFVIRTUAL is a leading Staff Leasing provider in the Philippines, and expert in Filipino labor law. Using us is similar to using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the United States, but your staff work from our office. Outsource recruitment and HR administrative processes to STAFFVIRTUAL and enjoy a turnkey solution

An End-to-end Staff Leasing / PEO Solution

Focus on your growth

Staff Leasing / PEO is important when you consider all the parts of your business that are touched somehow by payroll or HR functions. Now, consider how money and time it would take to familiarize yourself with Filipino labor laws & regulations. Instead, outsource your payroll & HR admin to STAFFVIRTUAL

Reduce your risk with Staff Leasing / PEO

PEO solutions in the Philippines

STAFFVIRTUAL is a well established Staff Leasing / PEO who's been in business in the Philippines for almost a decade. We'll keep your business safe, and you can trust in us to stay on top of the ever changing regulatory landscape in the Philippines

Salarium for payroll

We use the best tech stack

STAFFVIRTUAL uses Salarium, which is simply the best cloud-based payroll solution in the Philippines.  Salarium allows your staff to easily get paid using SAL Pay, an ATM MasterCard paired with an e-wallet. SAL Pay is the best payment solution because it is not connected to the banks, so payroll can even go out on weekends, holidays, & non-banking hours!


Who uses PEOs?

Millions of Americans are employed by a PEO

PEOs like ADP have been around since the 1950s in the United States. Even back then running payroll was a big hassle and risk for many CEOs, and it was easier just to outsource it. PEOs work for companies of all sizes in virtually every industry