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Our leadership is comprised of seasoned experts with years of industry experience

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We've created hundreds of jobs since we began in the Philippines. That said, we are unreasonably picky about who joins the STAFFVIRTUAL family. We are a close-knit group. We work well together, inside or outside of work. We can enjoy a beach day together, or singing some karaoke while having a beer. Our leaders cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed. Here are just a few of us who make STAFFVIRTUAL tick.

Ike Stranathan, CEO
Ike Stranathan
Fiona Lideza, Director of Sales
Fiona Lideza
Director of Sales
Alex Ferm, Director of Finance
Alex Frem
Director of Finance
Director for Legal Services and IT
Josephine Dasco
Director for Legal Services and IT
Jay Garcia, Client Services Manager
Jay Garcia
Client Services Manager
Mel Sanchez, Client Services Manager
Mel Sanchez
Client Services Manager
Sam Caballero Jr., MIS and IT Manager
Sam Caballero Jr.
MIS and IT Manager
Rashel Bausas, HR Manager
Rashel Bausas
HR Manager
Olive Peña, Administrative Accountant
Olive Peña 
Administrative Accountant
Con Lorenzo, Training and Development Manager
Con Lorenzo
Training & Development Manager
Zarah Dumilon, Talent Acquisition Manager
Zarah Dumilon
Talent Acquisition Manager
Sheene Olarte, Recruitment Specialist
Sheene Olarte
Recruitment Associate
Jethro Ecal, Team Lead
Jethro Ecal 
Team Lead
Toni Costa, Team Lead
Toni Costa
Team Lead
Christopher Remulla, Team Lead
Christopher Remulla
Team Lead
Marvin Carpio, Team Lead
Marvin Carpio
Team Lead
Bryan Diaz, Training and Quality Assurance Specialist
Bryan Diaz
Training and Quality Assurance Specialist
Nicole Blando, Training and Quality Assurance Specialist
Nicole Blando
Training and Quality Assurance Specialist
Gab Buganan, Corporate Communications Specialist
Gab Buganan
Corporate Communication Specialist
Venjie Martires, Multimedia Artist
Venjie Martires 
Multimedia Artist
Kerby Hukom, Web Developer
Kerby Hukom
Web Developer

Board of Directors

Atty. Amanda Carpio

Attorney Amanda Carpo

President and co-founder, Kittelson & Carpo Consulting, co-founder KMC Solutions & KMC Mag Group

Dr. Demetrio P. Salipsip

Jun Salipsip, Jr., PhD

Prof., Enderun College. Country Manager - Dow Chemicals. Executive Dir., American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

Atty. Pablo Gancayco

Attorney Pablo Gancayco

Senior Partner, Gancayco Balasbas & Associates. President of the Intellectual Property Association of the Philippines