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Back-Office Outsourcing to the Philippines

Outsource your company's repetitive Back-Office and administrative business processes to STAFFVIRTUAL, and they'll be done with military-grade precision


What Back-Office Channels do you need help with?

Let us handle your repetitive, time-consuming back-office and administrative tasks with military-grade precision. Your Back-Office is on auto-pilot with us. We make it easy for companies to quickly build a powerful Back-Office Team in Philippines.

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We'll remove your administrative headaches and transform your Back-Office. We'll take care of the nitty-gritty repetitive stuff for you.

Below is a partial list of the Back Office and Admin positions we routinely provide:

Benefits of Outsourcing your Back-Office processes to the Philippines

Outsourcing reduces costs

The biggest driver of outsourcing has always been cost-savings. Partner with us to build an offshore back-office dream Team to drastically reduce your cost of labor.

Outsource the headaches

Besides the tremendous cost-savings, reducing management headaches is the second most common reason people outsource their back office.

Outsourcing helps optimize your work/life balance

We are all slammed, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Outsource to get more work-life balance. Spend more time with your family and doing what you love.

Outsourcing makes you more agile

Quickly scale the size of your back-office and administrative Team. Build a Team doing the same process or hire Team members with vastly different skill sets.

You have access to top talent

Building a back-office dream Team means you have more access to talent that was not available back home, usually at a fraction of the cost.

Outsourcing is a change catalyst

Give your company a fresh set of eyes, which can encourage innovation and other positive changes for your business.

Provide amazing customer experiences

With an offshore back-office Team you are able to operate your business around the clock. Our offices never close, and are open 24/7.

Reduced risks & legal liability

Outsource to reduce your liability and risks associated with hiring in-house employees in your hometown. Eliminate risks even though your workforce is getting bigger.

Reduced healthcare costs & benefits

With outsourcing you won’t have to pay for your healthcare costs. It is all covered in your one low monthly price we charge.

It allows you to focus on your business

Outsourcing busy work allows you more time to focus on your 80/20. What is the thing you are best at, and only you can do? Do more of that!


We have extensive experience in building Back-Office Teams using the world’s leading cloud-based solutions. These Teams employ the latest technologies to drive errors out of workflows and radically improve processes. With the right technology and trained Team in place, you’re ready to scale faster than ever before.


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