Content Moderator

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What is a Content Moderator?

Content moderator jobs continue to be on the rise as the online world never stops needing content moderation, because let's face it, it can sometimes be a harsh and cruel world. Thus, a Content Moderator is always on guard, maintaining the online reputation of a business. They screen, monitor, and approve content in compliance with the website’s guidelines. Also, they promote excellent customer service and help to cultivate a strong community around the brand.

What Does a Content Moderator Do?

A content moderator serves two primary functions - to protect and promote. While screening, monitoring, and approving content sound like easy tasks, keep in mind that content comes in many forms namely articles, images, videos and audio clips. This is why they have to be on their toes round-the-clock. They ensure that all information and data uploaded by users won't violate intellectual property rights or contain inappropriate content that may scare away users. When it comes to promoting, Content Moderators help build up an entertaining and compelling experience by keeping content focused on the interests of your community. Plus, they also respond to feedback or posts from the community.

How Do I Hire a Content Moderator?

To hire a content moderator, you must be able to know if the candidate has knowledge of online legal issues and overall technical workaround of a website. It is important that they know how to handle and manage a website to be able to edit, filter and moderate its content. They must possess strong organisational and multitasking skills, have a proactive approach and a good knowledge of the principles of customer service. In hiring people for your business, it is highly recommended to get the services from a staffing company. These companies already have a pool of talents, thus giving you the person you need in almost no time at all. Also, these candidates are already screened and thus, guaranteed to be the best fit for the job.

How Much Does a Content Moderator Cost?

The cost of hiring a content moderator depends on the background of the person to be hired. Educational attainment and achievements are important factors which can affect a Content Moderator's starting rate. Also, if the moderator has gathered a good level of experience in the same position before or did a similar project with an equivalent level of knowledge, you can expect a demand for a higher rate.