Research Administrator

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What is a Research Administrator?

A Research Administrator is a person who provides information, documents and tools to investigators, research advancement teams and individuals. They understand and value the institutional research environment (academic, medicine, research, business) and the forces that shape it.

What Does a Research Administrator Do?

A Research Administrator helps organizations, corporations and clients optimize their research capabilities at every step of the process. They help locate possible sources of support for their research, advise on proposal preparation, review and approve proposals for extramural support on behalf of the chancellor and negotiate research contracts.

How Do I Hire a Research Administrator?

There is no direct degree to prepare one to become a Research Administrator. In fact, the backbone of being a Research Administrator is learned through experience and by working with others in the field. You just have to check or test the candidate’s skills and dedication. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines can make the selection process faster and more convenient for you. They have stages to filter who will fit best to your researching needs - saving you time and money.

How Much Does a Research Administrator Cost?

A Research Administrator's cost depends on his experience and skills since a degree is not really a factor. They put in the time and effort to build their career carefully and thoughtfully to develop the knowledge and expertise to successfully prepare proposals and administer research materials in various scopes.