Call Center Manager

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What is a Call Center Manager?

Call center services are spreading all over the globe, mostly in Asia, to provide personnel in handling both inbound and outbound calls. To meet expectations and metrics, a good Call Center Manager must be at the wheel of operations. A Call Center Manager is a person who supervises daily operations and personnel in a call center. They have extensive knowledge about the art of customer service and possess a great deal of patience and grace to handle the extreme pressure of addressing every concern not only by the customers but from their co-employees and clients as well.

What Does a Call Center Manager Do?

A Call Center Manager leads a team of customer service representatives. They are responsible for planning and implementing call center strategies and operations, improving systems and processes and managing staff. They make sure that calls and emails are answered by the staff within agreed time scales and in an appropriate manner. The nature of their work is stressful but it's up to the Call Center Manager to lead by example and keep the agents motivated.

How Do I Hire a Call Center Manager?

It is essential that Call Center Managers start as customer service representatives and work their way up. In this manner, they have a full understanding of how the industry works and what skills they need to bring in. Having this as a background experience, they will know what to do when the team starts to underperform. Most companies offer training that lasts for around 2 to 3 weeks for newly hired managers. This is important for them to fully understand the industry of the account they will be handling and the different tools they will be using to fulfill their job responsibilities.

How Much Does a Call Center Manager Cost?

A Call Center Manager may have higher rates compared to other job positions. This is because you are paying them the management skill they’ve acquired from experience. Pay for this job increases steadily for more experienced workers, but goes down noticeably for employees with more than 20 years of experience. Having a certificate such as CCCM or Certified Call Center Manager also gives them a little privilege to be ask for a higher starting salary.