Customer Service Manager

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What is a Customer Service Manager?

These days, companies outsouce customer service in order to increase the quality and efficiency of customer service while keeping their costs low. To do so, a good and reliable Customer Service Manager must be at the helm. A Customer Service Manager, also called Team Lead, manages a team of dedicated Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). They are responsible for hiring, training, and ensuring that the CSRs are meeting their performance metrics. They provide the team a clear understanding of the tasks, responsibilities and competencies involved as part of the customer service team.

What Does a Customer Service Manager Do?

A Customer Service Manager organizes, coordinates and controls the activities of the customer service team to maintain and enhance customer relationships and meet organizational and operational objectives. As a manager, it is also their duty to provide after-sales support to customers - handling complaints, requests for refunds and other feedback. They are also tasked to deal with customers face-to-face, if need be.

How Do I Hire a Customer Service Manager?

To hire a Customer Service Manager, the candidate must have an experience working in a customer service department and gained relevant qualifications from it. Proper management and sound decision-making skills are crucial to be an effective manager. They should be able to exhibit and deliver a high level of service to continuously build positive customer relationships.

How Much Does a Customer Service Manager Cost?

Managers cost more than rank and file positions because you will be paying their years of experience and expertise in the field. Their rate also depends on the educational background and training attended. Some companies, such as those in retail, sales and banking, offer generous bonuses or commission and usually provide an excellent benefits package. Customer Service Managers in the Philippines are worth the bang for your buck because they're not only dedicated employees, they excel at providing world-class customer service.