Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA)

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What is an Executive Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant services are popular nowadays because entrepreneurs, small business owners and startups save a lot of time and money through them. Particularly in demand are Executive Virtual Assistants. An Executive Virtual Assistant, or EVA, is a person who provides high-level administrative support to entrepreneurs or companies remotely or "virtually". They perform tasks and other details as dictated by the client through email, chat, fax, telephone, and any other way agreed upon. You can count on EVAs to deliver quality support to help your business meet its goals.

What Does an Executive Virtual Assistant Do?

An Executive Virtual Assistant works “behind the scenes” virtually, providing office administration, customer relations, project management, writing expertise, presentation preparation, and much more. Various tasks that you need to accomplish on a daily basis such as replying to emails and answering phone calls, to arranging schedule and meetings are taken up by these expert assistants so you could focus on your expertise and shine. Because when you're being pulled in a million directions, having an EVA partner you can trust to help you get more things done is invaluable.

How Do I Hire an Executive Virtual Assistant?

There are two ways you can hire an Executive Virtual Assistant, either through an online platform or directly from an outsourcing company. Many entrepreneurs and corporations choose to hire through an outsourcing company because they already know where and how to find the right type of people, they provide an office space and a layer of management. More importantly, they partner with assistants who possess the attitude and approach best suited to serve your needs.

How Much Does an Executive Virtual Assistant Cost

The cost of an Executive Virtual Assistant depends on their educational background, work experience and specialty they offer. Some EVAs charge per deliverable, but most charge a flat fee per month.