Sales Assistant

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What is a Sales Assistant?

A Sales Assistant is a person who acts as a secretary to the sales department, helping them close more deals and also markets products on behalf of a company. They are the ones who create and process expense reports. They must also be able to build sales proposals that the team may present to the client. As an assistant, they will also be responsible for handling administrative work for the sales team. Included in their duties is assisting sales representatives either in filing paperwork or doing sales as is. They are the ones who maintain the CRM or salesforce management system. Along with these, they possess good communication and documentation skills.

What Does a Sales Assistant Do?

A Sales Assistant provides help with administrative tasks of the sales department. They manage most of the email and paperwork for the sales team. It is also a part of their responsibility to process expense reports for the upper management. They also need to build and create impressive business sales proposals and a knowledge in maintaining customer relationship management. Sales assistants usually have business backgrounds as well. This is essential for them to understand the process of the system and also how to be able to do the workarounds as necessary.

How Do I Hire a Sales Assistant?

To hire a good Sales Assistant, it is important to gauge their knowledge in the business and sales industry. As they say, sales is not for everyone. There are people who are really dedicated in closing a sale and preparing all the necessary paperwork and reports to be able to see the business' transactions well. It is always better to get the help of staffing professionals to get the talents you need. They make sure that you will have an employee that performs well on the job and not someone who will not provide you quality work, and thus waste your money.

How Much Does a Sales Assistant Cost?

In hiring a Sales Assistant, you need to look at different areas to be able to set a proper price. First, there is the educational background of the person that you will hire. Of course it is important to know the educational attainment of an applicant to determine if he or she is well equipped to understand the process and language of the job. Second is knowing their previous work experiences. Their past jobs can give the candidate an edge over the others if they already know their way around the job.