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Why Outsource to the Philippines?

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The Philippines - The Land of Opportunity

Enjoying first-mover advantage, the Indian outsourcing industry reigned supreme for years, and remains the leader in IT services. However, with stronger English skills, accent neutrality, a highly Westernized culture, lower costs and solid government support, the Philippines offers a better strategic advantage.


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The Philippines is Booming!

  • Fastest growing economy in Asia
  • 6.3% - GDP growth in 2016
  • Ranked #1 worldwide - call center work
  • Ranked #2 worldwide - back-office work
  • 3rd largest English-speaking country
  • 25B - Outsourcing revenue in 2016

Why Outsource to the Philippines?

  • Filipinos speak fluent English
  • Highly Westernized culture
  • Very low cost of labor
  • Strong government support
  • Very loyal workforce
  • Filipinos are a pleasure to work with
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Filipinos Speak English

Your brand's reputation hinges on providing customers with an amazing experience, so clear communication is a must.  Social media dictates that brands have zero margin for error. Without clear communication, any productivity benefits that outsourcing brings are diminished. English is one of two official languages of the Philippines. Filipinos are immersed in English from the birth, and they are well-versed in English slang.

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Westernized Culture

The Philippines is the most Westernized country in Asia because it was ruled by Spain for 333 years, and the USA from 1899 - 1946.  Approximately 90 percent of Filipinos are Christian. Movie theaters show films from Hollywood - not Bollywood.  American songs are always on the radio, and basketball is a national obsession. When singing karaoke, Filipinos usually choose classic American love songs - and they know the lyrics by heart.

Robust Security

Low Labor Costs

The biggest driver of outsourcing is often cost savings. Wages in the Philippines are less than in more developed economies. Low costs also apply to other business expenses such as office space and supplies. Compared to India, the Philippines has lower cost for many skills, so your business does not need to pay more to move operations from India to the Philippines. Low labor costs allow businesses to scale faster  - without going over budget.

Talent Acquisition

Government Support

After witnessing the rapid growth of India's outsourcing industry, the Philippines' government began promoting itself as a viable outsourcing destination by supporting pro growth policies. Universities are also creating customized curriculum and degree programs to prepare students for high-paying jobs in the industry. These policies have worked marvelously! Today, 1.5M Filipinos work in the outsourcing industry - the fastest growing in the country.

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Jeepneys are a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines for many who work in the outsourcing industry. They were originally made from American military Jeeps that were left behind after World War II. Jeepneys are the original “art car”, famous for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating. Jeepneys are an iconic symbol of Filipino culture and resourcefulness, as well as an inexpensive means of public transportation.