5 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

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In this age of computers and internet, nothing is impossible. You can have your own business without having to look and book a physical shop. Same with working, you can now work a regular job in the comfort of your own home. As online businesses evolved, tasks needed to be accomplished by entrepreneurs now fall under a role called Virtual Assistant Services.


Virtual Assistant Services doesn’t limit to just one job. Gaining skills that could be useful to any business as needed may have you qualified as one of those who can provide Virtual Assistant Services to those who are in need.

Here are those 5 specific in-demand services that fall into the category of online marketing, that you can learn and be paid well for as a virtual assistant or freelancer.

Blog Management

The rise of bloggers are undeniably unstoppable these days. Surely one can easily put up a blog but not everyone can live up to the management it demands.Online businesses use a variety of different website and blog platforms to publish their content, but by far the most commonly used is WordPress. If you are comfortable with this platform and has the dedication and understanding of the blogging world, you surely can get this job!

Email Marketing

Next to phone calls and text messaging, emails are now essential to people especially as a mode of communication to professionals and businesses. Sending email newsletters and autoresponders is one way to reach to potential markets and raise awareness of the business. It can eventually convert simple interests to sales! Having the familiarity with email marketing systems such as MailChimp and Infusionsoft, plus the consistent availability to produce content for email newsletters will be your golden ticket to get this job.

Social Media

Being active and present in social media platforms may provide you good pay! From as simple as sharing blog post links, graphics, videos, and status updates, you will be able to earn on a regular basis. This is because social media nowadays is one of the most effective platforms for business owners to be present and reach their markets. When a business owner has the potential to reach more people that might be interested in what they have to offer, then it makes sense to pay a virtual assistant, social media manager or agency to maintain a social media presence for them on a daily basis.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages, as the name suggests, is where you want your readers to land and see a call-to-action you want them to click on. It is a goal based web page created to establish conversions and sales. Pages like these can be created directly on an online business owner’s own website platform, such as WordPress, Squarespace or Adobe Business Catalyst. But often they’re created with specialized software systems which make the process of putting the web page together faster and easier, particularly when integrating the pages with the business owner’s email marketing software. You can make a living from creating web pages if you are familiar with platforms such as LeadPages. LeadPages is one of the most popular landing page creation platforms for small to medium-sized online businesses. You can even charge per hour for this skill!

Customer Support

Customer support falls under administrative and marketing duties. You may consider this as the lowest paying Virtual Assistant Service, but it is not always the situation. You can check email responses sent back to customers or potential customers. With this role, you are contributing to the overall perception of your client’s business. You can provide services in conjunction with the blog posts, email newsletters, social media messages, and landing pages results. You, as the customer service support provider, is drawing more familiarity with the business marketing.In this way, you really become valuable and can be paid accordingly because you’re able to completely free up a business owner’s time – they don’t need to spend their own time or pay an online business manager to feed the required information through to you before you reply to customers.

You can never limit yourself to the skills you can gain to be able to provide Virtual Assistant Services. These are the most common roles you can look for but these are not the only positions available in the freelance market. You just need to be equipped well for that first gig, then once you get good feedback from your first client, you are good to go and adjust your rates according to your performance.