What Is Call Center Outsourcing? A Quick Guide for Businesses

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What Is Call Center Outsourcing? A Quick Guide for Businesses

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing (CCO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) that is used to fill customer needs via automated phone and/or information technology (IT) channels. It takes the form of a partnership between a customer, an organization, and a company that provides the services to fulfill the customer’s requests and enhance the customer experience.


Call center outsourcing can be opted for by companies of all sizes across industries. The third-party provider is an outsourcing company that specializes in specific skills-based fields such as customer support, administration and back-office management, payroll, IT, and more!


Keep reading to find out why more and more businesses are flocking to CCOs as a solution and the pros and cons it has to offer.


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Why Businesses Are Outsourcing Their Call Centers

Today, 9 out of 10 customers want a seamless service provided to them between communication channels. And yes, this includes customer service calls! Customer satisfaction is a priority for all businesses, and leveraging an outsourced call center is one way for businesses to manage call volumes and customer expectations.


Here are the reasons why businesses prefer call center outsourcing services today:


  • It saves money: Call center solutions give companies cost-effective solutions while managing a high volume of calls. Call center outsourcing companies can save your business huge amounts of money from reduced overhead costs. It’s a way to cut costs without necessarily sacrificing your business model’s quality or integrity.


  • It saves time: Call center outsourcing allows your business to save money by employing more experienced professional workers and expertise that’s specific to your business needs. As a result, business activities can get done more quickly and efficiently. You can also address customer concerns in real-time and even provide tech support at reasonable pricing. This also means your business won’t have to spend more money on hiring local staff or having long-term employees work overtime.


  • It helps businesses expand internationally: Call centers can provide support services and handle calls from people worldwide. As far as outsourcing solutions go, it’s an excellent way for your business to grow in international markets and handle different time zones, too.


  • It allows businesses to refocus on core activities: By leveraging ancillary staff to focus on customer relationships and customer care, businesses can focus on their core competencies in-house.


  • It helps businesses be more flexible: Operational flexibility is increased by providing a technology-based solution that was previously performed by in-house employees, thus boosting business scalability.


  • It allows businesses to provide 24-hour service: A business located in the US, catering to international markets, can have multiple call center touchpoints around the globe, allowing them more instant touchpoints and better CRM.


  • It helps businesses exceed customer expectations: Call center agents are trained to handle common customer queries and issues with ease. They can conduct research, report back to management, and take action if needed.  This outsourced service allows businesses to have a highly trained and professional employee network operation.


  • It helps businesses handle more inbound leads: Inbound call center services are a great opportunity for businesses to take advantage of inbound leads for lead generation. With more people relying on their mobile phones to connect with businesses, there’s an increased need for companies that can efficiently handle these customer touchpoints.


  • It can improve sales: CCO is about more than just partnering with a contact center or answering service that helps with business needs or customer retention. These activities can directly impact your sales and bottom line by bringing better performance for your customers and setting your business up for more conversions!


What Are Some of the Downsides Involved?

Every coin has a flip side. Here are the disadvantages of call center outsourcing:


  • It removes local jobs: Call center outsourcing results in less domestic employment. Outsourcing centers are often located internationally in low-cost countries like India and the Philippines.


  • It can present communication challenges: The call center is often located in countries where English may not be the primary language, leading to language barriers.


  • Outsourced employees may have less industry, product, or company knowledge: Call center operators may not have the years of experience you’re looking for in your specific niche or field. This can sometimes limit their ability to perform other tasks required for successful business operations.


  • There’s less control over who gets hired: Hiring and talent acquisition at call centers is mostly controlled by the center itself. As a result, your business may be subject to unpredictable work schedules and poor service from the company if not careful when choosing a call center service provider.




Call Center Outsourcing Best Practices

If equipped with the right strategies, you can nail your call center outsourcing, avoid the disadvantages, and maintain quality assurance. So get started with the best practices below!


Create detailed training materials

Training materials are an integral component of outsourcing. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your trainees receive the most up-to-date information regarding workforce shifts, best practices, the customer wants, and more.


Call center support agents need to understand how their work impacts a customer’s life and how they can best serve their clients. Give them the training materials they need to best provide personalized service based on the resources you give and customer data available.


Keep mission-critical tasks in-house

Thanks to BPO, businesses can now outsource many tasks that they previously did in-house. However, many outsourcing experts and managers do not recommend outsourcing your business’s integral, core tasks.


Instead, focus on activities that can be performed by trained employees and can be performed by third-party contractors without disrupting core business operations.


Think of outsourcing as a crutch—something that can be used to get things done quickly and efficiently, but without needing the level of creativity and innovation required by the business.


Choose the right outsourcing provider

There are many potential candidates for managing call center outsourcing operations. The key to selecting the right provider lies in understanding precisely what you need from them.


To understand what outsourcing entails, you should first consider what kind of call center services you want to opt for. Call centers are typically responsible for handling customer service, technical support, marketing, or other functions that help reach customers. Which functions do you want to focus on?


It’s also important to understand what level of experience you need from them. Calling a company and asking them to do something for you is one thing. Doing the work, delivering the results, and supporting your business with quality service is another.


Provide full details to your outsourcing provider

Cooperative work and shared information are excellent practices when partnering with a call center outsourcing provider.


When outsourcing, it's important for the service provider to have access to information about your business in order to provide you with quality results.


The goal of outsourcing isn't just to lower costs, but rather to get the best possible outcome for your money and time. This is why you need to make sure your outsourcing partner has the necessary information about your business, so they have what they need in order to do the best job.


Ensure data security requirements are prioritized and met

When outsourcing call center optimization services, it is important to know exactly what information will be collected, how it will be used, and who will require it. To prevent any data loss or privacy issues, communicate upfront with the vendor about what information is being collected and where it will be used.


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