Content Moderation Services Outsourcing to the Philippines

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So you have a website, but you have to keep lewd and nasty content OFF OF IT. Nasty pictures, terrorist propaganda, conspiracy theories, its all garbage that you don't want in your News Feed, or in your favorite chat room. Somebody has to get rid of this stuff, manually oftentimes. This is called "content moderation".


Content moderation outsourcing is a growing trend where companies find it extremely time consuming to moderate and manage all the content on their own websites. Content moderation outsourcing providers perform content moderation services, wherein they monitor interactions between users to ensure they are compliant with the rules. Without content moderation, the mobile service or website will, knowingly or unknowingly, violate the intellectual property rights of people. It may also be liable for inappropriate content that may not be suitable for certain users. For some companies content moderators are not a luxury, they are a strategic business imperative.

With an outsourced content moderation team in place to monitor your site, you are sure that the services you are offering remain clean and clear all the time for all its visitors. Content moderation services can also help you avoid legal problems that may arise when you have published something on your website that may be objectionable. Content Moderation Virtual Assistants will work from a pre-defined set of rules regarding what kind of content is acceptable, and what is not. This is how it works:

When a submission of content comes to your website, you place it in a queue where it is checked by a content moderator before it is published on the site. This procedure is called "pre-moderating". When you have a good content moderator responsible for pre-moderating, they will ensure that no undesirable content is posted to your website, blog, etc. This type of pre-moderation is also vital if you audience is young children. Many of the most popular online communities that are targeting children use pre-moderation. Pre-moderation offers high control of the content that is displayed on the website, however there are some downsides to pre-moderation. The person who has submitted the content is deprived of the instant gratification since they must wait for it to be cleared by the moderator. There is also a time delay in all the content that is a conversational in nature, decreasing the user experience.

From the user’s point of view, post –moderation is a better alternative to pre-moderation since all the data that has been submitted appears immediately on the website. That said, if there is something objectionable which the moderator comes to see later, he can always remove it. This type of moderation has its own benefits. The person who has submitted the content becomes satisfied after seeing it on the website. The moderator can identify all the legal problems and act on that in a timely manner.

The problem is that as the community grows, the cost of managing content moderation services become very prohibitive. Since, he is viewing each and every item that is posted on the website, the content moderator becomes the publisher in strictly legal sense. Content moderation outsourcing has become very common these days for all the companies that cannot or would not want to hire a professional content moderator for their website.

Outsourced content moderation requires substantial experience in the field. Content moderation services are being provided by firms in the Philippines that offer 24/7 services making sure that the moderation is being carried out 24/7/36 in real time. STAFFVIRTUAL can assemble professional teams that can offer content moderation services. Contact us for more information.