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HR Payroll Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

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Let’s face it, managing payroll may it be for a startup or a large multinational tends to be a complicated process when you factor in the work that goes into making sure your employees are paid properly and on time along with the taxes and salary deductions that further complicate an already time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

Are you facing payroll and compliance challenges in your organization?

Maybe it’s best to leave it to the payroll experts at STAFFVIRTUAL, one of the leading payroll outsourcing providers in the Philippines whose dedicated payroll specialists can help you streamline your payroll process, so that you can focus on the things that truly matter like letting your organization grow.

STAFFVIRTUAL provides end-to-end payroll processing services for small, medium and large organizations. We’ll take care of your employee’s payroll all the way from when they join your company and right until they leave, they’ll never have to worry about not receiving their correct salary on time ever again so that they can focus on carrying out their respective responsibilities. The combination of our years' expertise dealing with clients all over the world and our state of the art processes and robust technology is what sets STAFFVIRTUAL apart from the other payroll outsourcing vendors.

STAFFVIRTUAL provides end-to-end payroll processing services for small, medium and large organizations.

Payroll management is one of STAFFVIRTUAL’s strong suits. Our dedicated payroll experts located in the Philippines work day and night to ensure that your employees are paid properly and on time, keeping your employees happy and motivated and saving you from having to worry about government penalties that might arise if your organization’s payroll is mismanaged.

your organization’s success by applying their highly localized and in-depth knowledge of payroll and statutory compliance. We also have global security standards, and we are also ISO 9001:2008 accredited payroll providers so you can be sure that our data security and processes are world standard.

Payroll Services in the Philippines offered by STAFFVIRTUAL

  • Time and attendance monitoring
  • Payslip generation
  • Government mandated remittances and reports
  • Updated report on payroll and tax
  • Handling labor management related issues
  • Employer access to employee's' time record

HR Payroll Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines help reduce compliance risk for business owners looking to set up shop in the Philippines. Human resources management, consulting, and benefits administration are crucial aspects of any business; however, can take up too much time and effort that can prove to be very costly especially for entrepreneurs or business leaders who are already busy with revenue-generating activities. This task can also become more difficult when working with labor laws and tax systems in the Philippines that require experience to stay on top of. HR Payroll Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines can lessen administrative processes and drastically speed up the firm's productivity. Ideal for businesses of all scales, HR and payroll outsourcing is designed to optimize a company's talent management, reduce administrative costs, and improve overall efficiency. It also simplifies a firm's transition to a new location like the Philippines as businesses get access to an entire suite of human resources and payroll management services.

From recruitment, employee training, and benefits administration, to legal services (i.e. advice regarding Philippine labor laws) and payroll management, STAFFVIRTUAL provides effective HR support that helps outsourcing firms reduce expenditures, reduce risk, and quickly set up a functioning office in the Philippines. Other benefits of outsourcing payroll to a PEO in the Philippines include:

Reduced costs

Through outsourcing your business' human resources and payroll functions, you can avoid hiring additional people for non-income generating tasks and save on overhead costs such as adding more equipment and space to accommodate and train additional employees.

Fast and convenient setup

Once we have identified and discussed your requirements as well as the project's timeline, STAFFVIRTUAL will quickly set up your office together with the HR services that you need. Your business will continue to operate as usual with lesser downtime.

Payroll Processing in the Philippines

STAFFVIRTUAL offers a comprehensive set of services that are designed to optimize our clients' talent management, reduce costs, and improve process efficiency. STAFFVIRTUAL’s payroll outsourcing service provides access to timely, accurate, and secure data with the following:

  • Bank-advice statement and customized reports
  • Master employee-input files with relevant checks and balances to ensure accuracy
  • Full and final settlement for all employees

Payroll Compliance

Our experts provide support for the following compliance requirements:

  • Statutory compliance with government returns including SSS, PhilHealth,HDMF
  • Withholding Tax computation and compliance to BIR
  • SSS and HDMF loans processing

Custom Reports

STAFFVIRTUAL delivers custom reports that help your organization make data-driven HR decisions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Pay details of all employees
  • Information about employee turnover and retention

Human Resources Management

  • Recruitment, selection, and deployment
  • Orientation and training
  • Termination and redundancy control
  • Compensation programs
  • Management and legal reports
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