A Short Guide to Outsourced Lead Generation: The How-To & Benefits

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A Short Guide to Outsourced Lead Generation: The How-To & Benefits

Outsourcing Your Lead Generation

Creating high-quality lead generation strategies is critical to having a strong sales funnel. But did you know that 68% of businesses today struggle with lead generation as part of their marketing strategy? Fortunately, studies have also shown that outsourcing to a lead generation agency generates 43% better results than keeping your lead gen efforts in-house. 


Lead generation refers to the process of identifying potential customers, attracting them to your business offering, and then boosting your conversion rates by successfully turning them into paying customers. Both inbound marketing and outbound marketing play a role in B2B lead generation. 


The different types of leads include: 


  • Marketing qualified lead: A potential customer that has interacted with your marketing material in some form, but isn’t ready yet for a sales rep to call them.
  • Product qualified lead: A potential long-term customer who has already used your product or service, usually as part of a free trial or similar offering. 
  • Sales qualified lead: A potential customer who has explicitly engaged with your sales pipeline to show interest in buying your product/leveraging your service.


Keep reading to learn how outsourcing to a lead generation company can benefit your B2C or B2B sales today. 


What exactly does a lead generation company do?

A lead generation company specializes in attracting customers, driving sales, and refining marketing strategies; this is all done with a focus to fine-tune the sales process, grow multi-channel sales leads, and drive business development for their clients. They are made up of professional marketing teams that know their way around sales development and finding the best leads.


For B2B companies, in particular, lead generation remains essential to the sales development and outreach process of their B2B marketing strategies. 


Contracting out lead generation to an outsourcing or marketing agency can help you make the most returns from your target audience. Outsourced lead generation does this by: 

  • Analyzing your products/services
  • Conducting research on your existing customer base 
  • Creating ICP (ideal customer profiles) and buyer personas for future marketing campaigns 
  • Contacting leads for prospecting 
  • Appointment setting with potential customers 


How do I know if my business needs to outsource lead generation?

Are you confused on whether or not to use lead generation? Use the below table to help guide your decision: 


You should consider outsourcing if...

Use in-house lead generation if...

You want to launch new products and services and want to focus on that. If you’re taking your business in a new direction, consulting with professional salespeople and lead gen experts can help nail the pivotal change.

You already have a dedicated and experienced team working full-time on lead generation. If you have an in-house team of expert marketers who know your brand in and out, outsourcing may not be for you.

You don’t have the resources or time to hire and train a whole new staff. Outsourcing is more cost-effective than having a full-time team. It’s also more efficient for those who don’t have the extra time to hire and train new employees.

You know which marketing channels to focus on. Be it social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, or any other marketing channels—if you already have strategies for each, you’re set! 

You want to better serve your customers and approach your marketing in a smart and segmented way. Lead gen agencies can create in-depth ICP profiles that will better guide your customer engagement. 

You have data insights on all your customers and can effectively market to all of them. If you don’t need any help identifying or classifying your customers in order to better market to them, you can task in-house teams to conduct lead generation efforts.

Your current lead generation efforts revolve around cold calls and booking appointments. While these are effective strategies, new-age lead generation has come a long way, including social media, email marketing, and more. It’s time to take advantage of that. 

Most of your leads are coming from solid inbound strategies. If you already have a solid and constant inflow of leads, it may be easier to keep your success going through your in-house team. 


Here’s Why Businesses Are Outsourcing Lead Generation Services

Still not convinced? Here are the benefits of outsourcing to a lead generation agency.


Time and money saver

In-house lead generation efforts often require a specialized team whose sole purpose is to find and cater to these leads. This is an entire team’s worth of salaries, benefits, and more. Lead generation is a critical part of any business. Still, many of these businesses can’t afford to spend the time or money staffing a specialized team to carry out the function successfully. Outsourcing is just one way to access this team with appropriate pricing.


Outbound marketing sees the most direct ROI

Inbound marketing can take 6 to 12 months longer than outbound marketing. For businesses, time is money. Working with a lead generation agency could bring this time down significantly as they can target the best sales leads you need. 


Refocus on selling your services and products

One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing is that it frees up time for your company to focus more on your value-add activities. By outsourcing the lead generation function to an expert agency, you no longer have to follow up on leads and can redirect the focus of your in-house team to other sales-specific activities and internal innovation to grow your brand. 


Precisely targets your ideal customers and buyer personas

Lead generation agencies have research specialists on their teams who will use the data to refine and build value-driven ICPs and buyer personas. In the long run, nailing these accurate portrayals of your target demographic will help strengthen your sales funnel and keep the revenue coming in!


Sets your sales team up for more success!

Did you know that sales reps spend only 26.6% of their time actually selling to customers? By outsourcing lead generation to an external team, your in-house operations and sales teams will have more time freed up to focus on strategic tasks such as closing deals and creating value propositions instead of cold outreach and booking appointments. 


How to Outsource Lead Generation with Ease

Ready to get started? Keep these factors in mind as you outsource your lead generation


  • Evaluate your sales cycle and services/product: Have a critical look at your existing sales process and identify any inefficiencies. Can a lead generation agency help fill the gap?
  • Define your budget: Determine your financial capacity to hire a lead gen agency and narrow your options depending on the type of services they offer and the corresponding packages. 
  • Research lead generation companies: There are different types of lead generation companies out there. Some will specialize in creating buyer personas, others in data enrichment or lead qualification. Find one that best suits your needs. 
  • Outline your exact needs: To drive the most value from a lead gen agency, you need to precisely establish your needs and specifications. The more information you give, the higher the chances of better results. 
  • Start a partnership: Working with a lead generation agency is a long-term collaboration. Find one that your company has good synergy with so that your partnership will flourish over time.

Outsourcing Made Simple and Easy with STAFFVIRTUAL

Are you looking to maximize your organizational efficiency by outsourcing lead generation, customer support, IT, or even your back-office operations?


STAFFVIRTUAL can provide the support you need today. Get your free outsourcing plan or contact us to discover the ways we can help your business.

Ike Stranathan

Ike Stranathan

Ike Stranathan founded STAFFVIRTUAL in 2009 after moving to the Philippines from California. Ike lives just a block from his offices in Makati, Philippines, and is passionate about helping companies achieve dynamic growth by outsourcing.

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