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Building Back-Office & Customer Support Teams

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Outsourcing telemarketing to the Philippines may be the single, biggest and best decision you have ever made as a business owner.For some business models, nothing can sell the product or service better than telemarketing.


Since the national Do-Not-Call Registry took effect, many telemarketers have inundated unregistered consumers with outbound calls. And many call centers have discovered just how crucial it is to have properly designed scripts that are in compliance and distinguish them from the competition.

In today’s heavily legislated environment, companies are forced to make drastic changes to their script-writing principles. These changes are made to ensure that their agents adhere to legal requirements while being able to meet demanding production quotas.

Whenever making outbound calls — particularly cold calls — scripts require careful, step-by-step planning to help agents get through the calls professionally and personably.

But what exactly are the things that we need to keep in mind when planning to outsource telemarketing?

  • Hire the right people – It is very crucial to find the right people nowadays and it involves advertisements especially in social media and a cost for recruitment. It is a must to do a research first.
  • Make a comfortable environment – where you place your representatives is extremely vital for their productivity.
  • Implement of an open-door policy – there are a lot of people who have awesome sales skills but for some reason, they tend to get another opportunity from the other companies just because they do not feel comfortable and valued. Communicate with them and make them feel that they also chose the right company for them.
  • Develop your brand – Don’t just focus on getting more leads and market your service but make sure that when the customer/client uses it they will be satisfied. A study shows that one happy customer tells a friend but one unsatisfied customer can tell the world.

These are the most important details that a business should consider when starting or planning to Outsource. To know more about it kindly check our website www.staffvirtual.com