Technical Support Outsourcing: Definition & How It Can Help Your Business

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Technical Support Outsourcing: Definition & How It Can Help Your Business

Technical Support Outsourcing: Definition & How It Can Help Your Business

What is Technical Support Outsourcing?

Technical support refers to the customer support department that specifically provides technical information and fixes to an organization’s customers, usually on tech-related products or services. 

When technical support is outsourced, it moves the responsibility from internal tech support teams to external service providers that are more specialized in these specific fields. The most common tasks associated with tech support usually include software updates and fixes, troubleshooting bugs and errors, and installation and repairs of software or hardware. 

By outsourcing technical support, your business can effectively save time and resources because these outside providers are often more knowledgeable about their areas of expertise. This article will review the various elements of technical support outsourcing and how strongly your business can benefit from choosing to outsource these functions!

Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support Services

We all know that technical support is an important part of any business, regardless of its size or tenure. It helps ensure your customers are satisfied with the product or service they’ve bought from you. But for some businesses, technical support can be a very expensive task to undertake in-house, which is why outsourcing technical support services may be your best option when looking to grow your business without breaking the bank. 

Read on to find out how outsourcing technical support will benefit your business by not just saving money, but also time and resources, too! 

Cost reduction

Did you know that about 45% of companies outsource their IT and tech support to save costs? Outsourcing technical support services can save a business a great deal of money, time, and resources. Businesses that outsource technical support typically have a technical team on standby available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle technical queries from their customers.

This saves the business from hiring their own technical staff and from paying for any equipment installation, service upgrades, or maintenance, as well as any other costs associated with technical queries. In addition, outsourcing companies engaged in technical support outsourcing will have all the software and equipment necessary to resolve technical problems quickly and efficiently.

Ability to scale your business

Outsourcing technical queries also allow businesses to focus their energies on their core competencies, boosting their operational efficiency and long-term productivity. In fact, 24% of small businesses outsource to increase their efficiency.

Outsourcing technical support services means that you can easily scale up your other business areas. Since your outsourcing partner is taking care of your IT priorities, you can focus on other core business functions that allow you to scale your business such as lead generation, market research, social media outreach, and more!

Technical and operational excellence

Some technical queries that come into a business might be outside of the company's scope of expertise. In this case, it may be better to outsource technical queries to technical support companies that know how to deal with such questions. You don’t want to provide any misleading information, incorrect instructions, or simply, any bad support. When you rely on in-house employees to provide support in an area that they are not technically experienced in, you risk upsetting your customers and, in severe cases, losing them.


Access to trained talent and experts.

Outsourced technical support is an important part of any business but can be expensive to undertake in-house. By outsourcing, your business is granted access to trained and talented tech support agents who can resolve issues faster than your in-house help desk might be able to. 

Your quality control efforts will also improve as there is less likelihood of errors when technical issues and customer interactions are handled by qualified support staff. 

Cover any time zone

The reality of providing in-house technical support is that your support center may be located in just a single time zone and may only cover a few hours of the day. This can cause problems when customers need help during off-hours or on weekends because they will get an answering machine instead of a live person. The benefit of outsourced tech support is that such teams work 24/7 to ensure that no matter what time it is, there will always be someone available to answer phone calls from your customers and resolve technical issues quickly. 

Technical support outsourcing services can be based in prime locations, such as the Philippines, and have staffing around the clock, helping you boost your customer satisfaction rates!

When You Should Consider Outsourcing Technical Support 

Are you confused about whether or not outsourcing your technical support is required for your business processes? Not sure if it’s the best strategy to implement for your business and its customer experience?

Here are a few scenarios where business process outsourcing (BPO) to a tech support  contact center can be beneficial: 

  • You don’t have the time or resources in-house to handle support desk tasks: If your business doesn’t have the suitable staffing, expertise, or technical support tools to provide customer support solutions, technical support outsourcing can help provide this solution in a hassle free way.
  • Your business is growing faster than anticipated: Is your business having an unexpected influx of customers and unable to keep up with the rising demand? Do you find yourself inundated with technical tasks and growing to-do lists? Outsourcing is an excellent solution for companies looking to scale and make themselves more accessible to a growing customer base.
  • You need access to trained specialists and experts: Tech support services provide teams of trained agents and virtual assistants who have years of customer experience and technical expertise under their belt. This is a more cost-effective solution to hiring your own full-time staff and having to spend the payroll in training them. With outsourcing, you have immediate access to trained professionals!
  • You don’t want to overextend your in-house staff: When you outsource your support services, it frees up the time for your in-house team to focus on core business operations that add more value, directly resulting in more sales. Many times in a workplace, employees wear several hats and this can often lead them to burnout. The outsourced team can focus on secondary support activities like ticketing and resolving queries, freeing up your internal staff and keeping the overworking at bay.
  • All things tech simply scare you: If your business is simply not tech-savvy or your employees aren’t trained on the tech tools they need to ace their help desk services or customer support, outsourcing is the best solution. You can easily provide omnichannel support to your customers without worrying yourselves about the technicalities of automation and tools. 

IT Support & Outsourcing Services with STAFFVIRTUAL

Are you ready to outsource your IT support and take your customer retention to the next level?

At STAFFVIRTUAL, we can help you maximize your business potential and efficiency by taking care of your critical IT functions. Our support teams are specifically built to anticipate and fulfill your needs while balancing your customers’ requirements. 

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Ike Stranathan

Ike Stranathan

Ike Stranathan founded STAFFVIRTUAL in 2009 after moving to the Philippines from California. Ike lives just a block from his offices in Makati, Philippines, and is passionate about helping companies achieve dynamic growth by outsourcing.

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