The Benefits of Data Entry Services

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Data entry is the act of transcribing written documents into digital data, or of transcribing one type of electronic data into another. This data might be in the forms of names or addresses, or medical or legal records, just to name a few. Outsourcing data entry services means partnering with a third partner who is often located offshore in the Philippines, or another low-cost destination.


An error-free and organized data is the key to accelerating your business growth. However, as a growing organization, you might find it tiresome to keep a track of your data on a daily basis. Data entry is a time consuming and repetitive task that can often go neglected. Managing an in-house team of data entry operators can be equally stressful, leaving you with no time to spend on your core business activities.

Most data entry companies have workers in-house and freelancers they can use as backup. It's not uncommon for some data entry outsourcing companies to outsource their work offshore to other data entry outsourcing providers, often not disclosing this fact to their clients.

Outsourcing data entry services is a profitable decision that can help you have access to accurate data at an extremely low cost and focus on your core business activities. STAFFVIRTUAL can help you with Specialized Data Entry Services and more.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry:

Quality Service Outcome – professional, well trained and competent employees can assure the faster growth of the company. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines are one of the best partners that can meet the requirements of all small, medium and even the biggest companies across the globe. It’s been proven!

Security – uses a reliable software tools to ensure even the smallest information of a client. Safety and confidentiality of the customers are one of the top priorities.

Expand Productivity – Business Process Outsourcing has become the most in-demand partner of a lot of companies in the world providing support such as Administrative, Financial, Technical and more. Assuring the quality of the service while managing the business performance.

Operational cost – Outsourcing can save as much as 70% on payroll cost. So it is practically helpful without sacrificing the quality of the service.