What are the 4 'E's of an Accountant?

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What are the 4 'E's of an Accountant?

What are the 4 'E's of an Accountant?

The BPO industry offers a myriad of business solutions, but if you're looking for someone trustworthy and good with numbers, you might be looking for an accountant. So what does an accountant do exactly? What are the traits should they possess? Read on and stay on the look out for the 4 "E"s of an accountant.


Extreme Diligence - An accountant double checks if all expenses were logged. It doesn't matter if it's big or small, EVERYTHING down to the last cent should be "accounted" for.

Eloquence - Be it words, graphs or numbers, they should be able to convey their message clearly to colleagues and board investors alike. Delivering the right information is of paramount importance when it comes to financing. Remember: the placement of a decimal point can indicate if a company is broke or rolling in the green.

Ethical - Since an accountant deals with money 24/7, the temptation is always right in every corner as well. They also have access to sensitive information like undisclosed fortune or debts. An accountant should have a strong moral code to stave off greed and the desire to gossip.

Efficient - It's overwhelming to receive constant information in the form of numbers. But these numbers aren't going to compute themselves, that's why an accountant should be efficient so they can free up their time and anticipate the upcoming expenses. An accountant churns out mountains of data well before tax season comes along.

There it is. Good luck in your search for an accountant!

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