What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

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What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?Virtual Assistants (VAs) are now in huge demand from entrepreneurs and businesses who operate both online and offline. A Virtual Assistant, or VA, can assist a business owner "virtuall", or online. This line of work is often very challenging and rewarding to the VA because no two days are the same. Here is a glimpse of what a VA does...

You could be organizing meetings and responding to emails. You can also be scheduling social media posts and booking events for entrepreneurs. This job pays well but is rarely talked about in a community. A lot of freelancers to takes this job aside from other jobs. You just need high organization skills.

Content writing is another job but it takes too much focus because you need to produce constant quality output. Virtual Assistant is not an easier job but it also requires you to learn and speak different languages to be able to accommodate wider range of clients.

Average hourly pay for a virtual assistant ranges from $12-15 but depending on the tasks you do, you could easily make $30+ per hour. Being a virtual assistant allows you to be location independent and work on a flexible schedule whether you prefer working during the day or at night, or whenever it is convenient for you. Being a Virtual Assistant has no specific training. There is no certification or course to make you qualified as one. You need to acquire your own skills that may be needed for 2-3 job roles at a time. You need to be fully equipped in order to land that job.

You need to be organized, computer savvy, a great researcher and have superb communication skills to say the least. The great thing is that a lot of these skills can be acquired if you’re willing to learn quickly and stay organized. You also need to learn time management and keeping a network for your resources in times of need.

If you have specific skills or experience like with social media, project management or bookkeeping, it’s definitely worth mentioning to a potential client. Some clients need this special line of expertise.You can create a one-page resume to showcase your skills and any relevant experience you have when you pitch for jobs.

If you wish to be a Virtual Assistant, you can assess your own skills and see what you can utilize more to be that Virtual Assistant a client would definitely invest in.

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