How It Works

Plan. Hire. Train. Pay.


It all starts by discussing the repetitive tasks you can outsource, and the types and quantity of staff you'll need on your team. If you have job descriptions, that would help. We'll then recruit, screen, hire and train them. They'll work from our modern offices in Makati, Philippines. The client pays one low monthly fee for their team.

1. Plan

It starts with workforce planning, where we learn about your processes, the people you need, and your goals.

How do I start outsourcing? + -

Tell us the number of people you need, and the skills required. We will then put together a proposal, followed by our services agreement. Once signed, and the client pays the Advance equal to two-months service fees, we will begin recruitment. It only takes 2-3 weeks to find your staff.

How do we manage your team? + -

Your team works from offices in Makati, under our supervision. We can provide basic management or a more fully managed solution.

Outsourcing - Workforce Planning

2. Hire

We'll handle all recruitment functions and short-list the best of the best for you to choose from.

How do we screen applicants? + -

We typically get 50-100 resumes per job vacancy. Short-listed candidates undergo an exhaustive battery of tests to measure cognitive abilities, English skills, and personality characteristics. The client can do the final interviews over phone or video.

What is our employee attrition rate? + -

Our employee attrition rate is half the industry average because we invest heavily in our employee's well-being and happiness, and we have a great overall corporate culture. Our office also has a great vibe.

What about pay and benefits? + -

We will administer pay and benefits twice a month to your staff, in strict accordance with Philippine labor law. We'll also remit money to the proper government agencies including:

  • Social Security System
  • Philhealth Insurance
  • Pag-Ibig Fund
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
Outsourcing - Recruitment Process

3. Train

We work with you to get your staff trained quickly. Most clients can train their staff in 2-3 weeks, if not sooner.

How do we train our people? + -

We encourage the train-the-trainer model wherein an expert at the client's company trains the team, while simultaneously teaching key stakeholders how to teach the process to others.

How long does it take to train? + -

Training time depends on the complexity of the tasks, size of the team required, and the overall scope of work. It also depends on the quality of the client’s training materials.

Outsourcing - Tranining

4. Pay

Enjoy peace of mind with one all-inclusive monthly payment. Standard terms include:

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Invoicing: Mid-Month, Net-14
  • Advance: Two (2) months Service Fees
  • Termination: 30-60 Days Notice
How much does it cost? + -

It depends on the role, but most of our Specialists go for around $1,599 - 2,499/month. Our clients can typically hire three, four, or even five employees with us, for the price of just one back home.

What is the Advance for? + -

The Advance covers the first and last months of the service. Once the Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work (MSA/SOW) are signed, and the Advance is paid, we'll begin recruitment immediately.

Outsourcing - Pay