RPO to the Philippines Set for a Banner Year in 2016

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RPO to the Philippines Set for a Banner Year in 2016

RPO to the Philippines Set for a Banner Year in 2016

RPO to the Philippines is set to continue to boom throughout 2016 and beyond. RPO or recruitment process outsourcing, saves companies money. HR outsourcing in particular allows companies to remove the time-intensive tasks of HR paperwork management from their workforce. HR professional staffing companies in the Philippines can provide recruitment process outsourcing services, sorting through piles of resumes while key staff in the U.S. completes the interviewing and hiring processes.

Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, is a growing sector of the Philippine professional employer organization sector. RPO companies in the Philippines take on the burden of time consuming, repetitive work that is not part of the core business of the client company. This saves the client money, time and valuable internal employee resources.

More American companies are choosing to outsource HR processes to companies overseas. The Philippines remains ideally suited to this human resources outsourcing trend due to the close cultural ties between the United States and the Philippines. The Philippines harbors large numbers of highly educated native English-speaking professionals with significant HR experience. Filipino human resource outsourcing companies have global recognition as the premier partners in the human resource outsourcing industry.

Many top Filipino universities offer human resource degrees and training. This creates a large, varied and well-trained workforce for employers and human resource outsourcing companies in the Philippines. These employees are seen as credible experts, and the labor pool in the Philippines is large and willing to work. Filipino workers are known for their customer service skills, work ethic, flexibility, adaptability and loyalty. This makes them ideal employees for the recruitment process outsourcing field.

The Philippine Islands sit physically and strategically at the crossroads of trade within all of Asia, one of the fastest emerging markets on the globe. Many Fortune 500 companies already take advantage of HR outsourcing to the islands. This trend should continue for several years, as small and medium sized companies learn what RPO is and how it can help their business. More foreign investment, increased eco-tourism and a growing outsourcing industry will fuel continued growth in the Filipino economy. The RPO and HR outsourcing industries will continue to grow and increase the complexity of the services they offer.

The Philippines now competes with India in the outsourcing industry, even with only 1/10 the population of India. More call centers are now located in the Philippines than in India, where over 350,000 centers are located. Knowledge-process outsourcing, or KPO, is the next stage of specialized outsourcing solutions available in the Philippines. This area should see strong growth in 2016 and many years to come.

To meet the demand and in order to succeed in the competitive marketplace of global services outsourcing, the Filipino Government in partnership with the outsourcing firms of the Philippines must continue to be aggressive in their promotion of the industry.The Philippines must continue to develop a highly skilled workforce with expertise in advanced technical fields. This will allow the Philippine people to deliver world-class outsourcing services for decades into the future.

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