Reasons for Outsourcing to Philippines Persist Despite Economic Gains

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Reasons for Outsourcing to Philippines Persist Despite Economic Gains

Reasons for Outsourcing to Philippines Persist Despite Economic Gains

Screen_Shot_2016-08-06_at_6.26.18_PM-1.pngRunning a successful business today is harder than ever, which makes having an outsourcing strategy more important than ever. Competition is coming from all directions. You must come up with new ideas constantly. Regulations and government control are constantly increasing. Health care costs are skyrocketing. The burdensome tax code and frivolous lawsuits are as American as apple pie. Simply running a business is hard - scaling a business is harder.

The global financial crisis which began in 2007 caused many companies to outsource out of sheer necessity. Cutting costs and trimming fat was a matter of life or death. For many companies it was about finding ways to save money and work smarter, or go out of business - it was that simple.

During those frightening times when the economy suddenly lurched into a deep recession, some companies had to find creative ways to drastically cut costs and work smarter. Others didn't have it so bad, so they only needed to slightly trim their workforce with just a nip here, and a tuck there. Other companies employed drastic measures, such as wholesale layoffs, included (extended unpaid holiday), Cisco (four-day year-end shutdown), Motorola (salary cuts), Nevada casinos (four-day workweek), Honda (voluntary unpaid vacation time) and The Seattle Times (plans to save $1 million with a week of unpaid furlough for 500 workers).

There were also many midsize and small companies that employed similar cost saving tactics a few years ago during the height of the crisis - just to survive. Sadly, many companies failed and went under - a victim of the worst economy since the Great Depression. They simply failed to adapt fast enough to not drown in the tidal wave that swept over the American economic landscape.

Despite improvements in global economic outlook since those dark days of 2008, reasons for outsourcing to Philippines persist. Outsourcing can save a company loads of money, streamline operations, and quickly drive errors out of processes. Outsourcing allows companies to scale up quickly and become more flexible. Ramping up for the Christmas season is much easier with a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines.

The hundreds of thousands of professional, college educated, English speaking Filipinos that are working in the skyscrapers of Manila are highly trained and well equipped to provide exactly the type of services you require. These workers have loads of experience specializing in one or two things, like answering the phones or doing data entry. This is what they do, and they do it well. This is THEIR core competency. This allows the CEOs and his/her upper management to sharpen focus on THEIR core competencies that add real value to the organization, such as sales, acquisitions and strategic partnership.

There are many reasons to outsource to the Philippines and benefits that companies get from moving some of their business process outsourcing solutions to the Philippines. These benefits did not go away with the improving economy. On the contrary, a solid outsourcing strategy is more important than ever for businesses of all types and sizes.

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