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Why Outsource to the Philippines?

The world's leading outsourcing destination


Why Outsource to the Philippines

The Philippines is truly a tropical paradise, and a land of vast opportunities to explore. Enjoying first-mover advantage, the Indian outsourcing industry reigned supreme for years. However, with stronger English skills & a more Westernized culture, the Philippines offers a better strategic advantage for your business. 

Our clients love site visits at our offices, so they can meet, train, or work with their Team, face-to-face. Along with exciting cities, one of the Philippines' best assets is its 7,107 mostly unexplored islands, edged by powdery white sand beaches buffering turquoise waters. 

English Excellence

A brand's reputation hinges on providing customers amazing experiences, so clear communication is a must


Low Labor Costs

Our clients can typically hire 2-3 specialists with us for the price of just 1 in their country of origin


Highly Westernized

The Philippines has long been recognized as the most Westernized of all asian countries because of its close historical ties with Spain & the USA


Filipinos Speak Great English

English is one of the two official languages in the Philippines. Filipinos are immersed in English from birth, and they are extremely well-versed in American slang words as well.

Westernized Culture

The Philippines has long been considered the most Westernized country in Asia, do in large part to colonial Spanish and American influences that go back hundreds of years.

Low Labor Costs

Wages in the Philippines are considerably less than in more developed economies, making it perhaps the best place on earth to find affordable, high-quality English-speaking employees.

Strong Government Support

The Philippines' government supports the growth of the outsourcing industry. Today, almost 2M Filipinos work in the industry, and university advanced degree programs have been established to meet the booming demand.


Jeepneys were originally made from American military Jeeps that were left behind after World War II, and are still a popular means of transportation, and an iconic symbol of Filipino resourcefulness.

Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Amazing work ethic

Filipinos are respectful and resilient. Working under pressure is not a problem for them, in fact, they will smile through the process.

Strong education system

Apart from classes being taught in English, there are some schools that offer BPO skills training helping students prepare for the industry.

Time zone advantage

While you are closed for the day, your offshore team will be working hard to beat deadlines and projects will be delivered the next morning.

A younger demographic

The average working age in the Philippines is 21+ years old making them skilled at current technologies. This means they will require minimal training, too.

High-level English proficiency

While the Philippines’ national language is Tagalog, English is the number one spoken language in the Philippines and outsourcing is the number one industry.

Filipinos understand Western culture

You won’t have a difficult time adjusting to Filipino workers as they have close cultural affinity with the United States.

Access to a global talent pool

Building an offshore team in the Philippines means having access to talent from across the globe, at the same or even higher caliber of people back home.

The Philippines has a Data Privacy Act

Republic Act 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 protects all information from unauthorized access and usage, which brings the country’s policies up to international security standards.

Lower cost of labor

Wages in the Philippines cost less than in more developed economies, making it perhaps the best place on earth to find affordable but highly-skilled employees.

Strong government support

Today, almost 2M Filipinos work in the industry because the government supports the growth of the outsourcing industry in the country.