Serviced Offices in Makati Philippines Hard to Find

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Serviced Offices in Makati Philippines Hard to Find

Serviced Offices in Makati Philippines Hard to Find

Serviced Offices in Makati Philippines Hard to FindIt's not easy to find a serviced office space in Manila, Philippines, and it's especially difficult to find a serviced office in Makati. Virtual office spaces, also called serviced offices, shared offices, or incubation offices, are becoming more and more popular with outsourcing start-ups moving to Makati, Manila, Philippines.

Makati is the financial heart and soul of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The Filipino economy is BOOMING, surpassing even China with respect to quarterly GDP growth.

Makati is the ideal place for many outsourcing companies in the Philippines. It possesses nice residential real estate, lots of parks, excellent malls and shopping and convenient public transportation in the form of buses, Jeepneys and taxis - making it easy for your employees to come to work. Makati also has a very wide array of restaurants to choose from, making break times and after work happy hours more enjoyable. For these reason Makati is the most upscale and prestigious city in the country. Because finding decent virtual office space, in a good location, is a challenge, many companies use real estate brokers to help them locate their commercial office space.

Within Makati, vacancy rates for Class A spaces in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), near the famed Ayala Avenue (the Wall Street of the Philippines) are near an all time low. Because of the scarcity of good serviced offices in the Philippines, rents are heading northward once again in Q3 of 2016.

There simply isn't many serviced offices in Makati to choose from. Literally thousands of companies are moving to the Philippines every year. The word is out - the Philippines is the go to place for a highly skilled, easy to manage, inexpensive English-speaking workforce, making it the most popular destination for outsourcing companies and call centers. The lack of serviced offices in Manila is a challenge for many small and medium sized companies, large businesses, and internet entrepreneurs who are flocking to the Philippines to build a virtual team.

Virtual offices are the preferred option for foreigners relocating to the Philippines and wanting to start a company, such as a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, quickly - with minimal hassle.

When renting a typical commercial office space in the Philippines, the unit owner typical wants three months security deposit and three months advance down payment. This can be a large chunk of change! A company that wants to rent just a quarter floor of a Class A office space in Makati must come up with at least $100,000+ USD just to move in. This can be a big investment and risk for a company looking to move to the Philippines - making going with a serviced office the obvious choice for savvy CEOs. Go to market faster, and cheaper in Makati with a serviced office.

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