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Accounting Clerk Generalist

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What is an Accounting Clerk Generalist?

An Accounting Clerk Generalist serves as accounting support to accounting supervisors and other managers within the department. They key-in daily worksheets to the general ledger system, ensure files are complete and maintained as needed, and assist accounting personnel.

What Does an Accounting Clerk Generalist Do?

An Accounting Clerk Generalist is responsible for recording a variety of financial transactions, identical to the financial transactions a bookkeeper records, and providing support to accounting supervisors within a department. They help keep track of financial transactions that include income and expenses, payroll records and changes to asset or product inventory. They perform administrative duties when they are not dedicating their time to accounting on a full-time basis.

How Do I Hire an Accounting Clerk Generalist?

In hiring an Accounting Clerk Generalist, it is essential to assess their educational background. Work experience is of course important but for those who are not vastly experienced, some companies provide training in the first few months of employment. Aside from having good math skills, you should also check if they are proficient in using computer spreadsheet programs. For a faster and more convenient way of hiring an Accounting Clerk Generalist, businesses now turn to outsourcing companies. They screen candidates thoroughly through tests and interviews that determine their skill set in order to give you the employee best fit for the job.

How Much Does an Accounting Clerk Generalist Cost?

The cost of an Accounting Clerk Generalist depends on the level of education and office background or experience. These two qualifications are crucial if the company expects an employee to perform effectively. The employee must be familiar with accounting softwares as well since a lot of companies use them. It is important to note that the employee must not only be good in math but must also be adept in administrative functions as well. If the employee possesses all these qualifications and skills, the rate may cost a bit more but it’s worth it. If not, then negotiations for a lower rate can be offered.

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