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Accounts Payable Clerk

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What is an Accounts Payable Clerk?

Accountant services are absolutely critical to companies. That is why individuals with accounting backgrounds and experience like Accounts Payable Clerk, are in demand. An Accounts Payable Clerk is a person who compiles and maintains accounts payable records in all types of industries. They ensure correct approval, sorting, coding and matching of invoices or receipts. It is also their duty to liaise with internal and external clients. Technical skills include proficiency with proprietary software and spreadsheets.

What Does an Accounts Payable Clerk Do?

An Accounts Payable Clerk is generally responsible for processing invoices and issuing payments. They perform accounting and clerical tasks related to the effective maintenance and processing of accounts payable transactions. They have a keen eye for detail as they need to identify errors or discrepancies and resolve them before processing.

How Do I Hire an Accounts Payable Clerk?

In hiring an Accounts Payable Clerk, aside from checking for educational background and work experience, the candidate must be really good in math, interested in finance and eager to help your company run more efficiently. Adding all these factors will surely get you an Accounts Payable Clerk worthy of your trust that the tasks will be done extremely well. More businesses now are turning to staffing companies for a faster and more convenient way of finding an employee with the skills and qualities best suited for the job. You can count on staffing companies in the Philippines to carefully screen the candidates so that only high-performing employees are hired to work for you.

How Much Does an Accounts Payable Clerk Cost?

An Accounts Payable Clerks' cost depends not only on an accomplished degree in Accounting but a proven working experience as an accounts payable clerk as well. The employee must have a solid understanding of basic bookkeeping and accounting payable principles. Other competencies that can affect an Accounts Payable Clerk's cost are competencies such as data entry skills, an eye for detail and accuracy, and also the ability to handle confidential information in a discreet, professional manner.

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