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Accounts Receivables Clerk

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What is an Accounts Receivables Clerk?

Outsourced accounting services are gaining popularity because they give a flexible and scalable accounting solution that grows with their business. Individuals included in providing this service are Accounts Receivables Clerks. An Accounts Receivables Clerk is an accounting professional who processes and manages payments received and provides related accounting support. They perform clerical, financial, and administrative services in an office environment, posting transactions, and calculating interest and totals, as well as tracking incoming payments and obligations.

What Does an Accounts Receivables Clerk Do?

An Accounts Receivables main responsibility is to ensure that the company receives payment for services offered or goods sold to clients. They send bill reminders and statements to clients, posting financial transaction to an accounting system and making bank deposits. They are the ones who respond to customers' calls and visits when they inquire about unclear or inaccurate invoices. An Accounting Receivables Clerk also bears the responsibility of monitoring accounting systems to ensure that they function ideally.

How Do I Hire an Accounts Receivables Clerk?

To hire an Accounts Receivables Clerk, it's best to review their educational background and working experience. Companies usually prefer job candidates who own degrees and have prior experience working specifically in accounting or accounts receivables. You should also check their administrative skills and proficiency in relevant computer software. To hire the most suitable Accounts Receivables Clerk for your business, it's wise to get one from outsourcing companies. You can rely on them to provide you with not only a skilled employee but one who has a dedicated approach towards work as well.

How much Does an Accounts Receivables Clerk Cost?

The cost of an Accounts Receivables Clerk depends on three factors: educational background, working experience and skill level. It's important that the candidate owns a degree specifically in Finance, Accounting or Business Administration. A proven working experience as accounts receivable clerk with a solid understanding of basic accounting principles, fair credit practices and collection regulations adds greatly to the qualifications. And with regards to skills, data entry along with hands-on experience in operating spreadsheets and accounting software are vital. Possessing all these will merit a good starting rate for an Accounts Receivables Clerk.

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