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Purchasing Assistant

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What is a Purchasing Assistant?

A Purchasing Assistant is a person who provides support to the purchasing process, with responsibilities of ordering materials, processing bids and purchasing documents and materials. They are the people in charge of filling up the documents, sending them out for purchase orders, and tracks the shipment and deliveries of the items. Also, they are the ones who check the quality of the products delivered. They need to have a knowledge of the products to be able to inspect or test them. They also ask for promos or discounts from the sales departments to get the best deals for the company.

What Does a Purchasing Assistant Do?

A Purchasing Assistant, also referred to as a procurement officer, is responsible for ordering materials, supplies, and/or equipment, and follow through with vendors on shipment and delivery. They are the people who make sure that all sales purchases are completed and study the sales record of the company’s transactions. They often ask the vendors for incentives or promotional prices. It is also important for them to be well-informed of the items that they are purchasing to ensure that they are buying the right products for the company and not wasting its money.

How Do I Hire a Purchasing Assistant?

In hiring a Purchasing Assistant, an experience from a similar field is advantageous. They should be able to talk comfortably with salespeople regarding pricing, discounts, and shipping discrepancies. They must be keen on keeping documents and checking products or items for damages. In hiring a productive Purchasing Assistant, it is best to seek the services of staffing companies. They are the ones adept at finding people with the necessary skill set and the appropriate knowledge that will result to more than satisfactory work. This way, you will have no qualms that you are investing your money in a person most suitable for the job.

How Much Does a Purchasing Assistant Cost?

You can never really tell a specific cost in hiring a Purchasing Assistant. Hiring an employee in general deals with much more factors than it seems. Before you can offer a salary, you need to know first the educational background of the applicant. Also, if they have previous job experience that will be helpful to the job position they need to fulfill. Aside from the salary as the cost, you will also need to invest in training the hired employee before letting him alone in the field. These are just a few of the factors that may raise costs.

Below are the tools that can provide cost estimate of outsourcing Purchasing Assistant to the Philippines:

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