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Customer Support Outsourcing to the Philippines

You work hard to win customers, but you must work even harder to keep them by delivering exceptional customer experiences

Customer Support Outsourcing to the Philippines

Phone Support Specialist


Live Chat


Social Media Specialist





In-App Specialist












inbound calls

answered within 5 seconds


your website leads!


of contacts

answered within 1 hour


of messages

responded to within 90 seconds


of emails

answered within 1 hour


Voice is still a common and important tool for effective customer experience – especially for high-touch engagements or luxury brands. We have experience providing this for high-profile clients around the world.


Companies spend a fortune driving traffic to their site, but nobody is there to meet them. 98% of your website's visitors don't fill out your static contact forms. Engage in real conversations and drive 3X more leads - with the same amount of traffic.


Social media is an increasingly important customer service channel where customers expect a response within minutes. We can quickly respond to your DMs in FB Messenger, Twitter & Instagram 24/7.


Texting is the most common use case for mobile phones. However, not all companies capitalize on SMS text support. We can help clients stay ahead of this curve by offering this important channel.


Whether you are a gamer or online shopper, customers often prefer to engage from within a client’s native app. We offer in-app support to support customers quickly, so as to not distract them from their current actions.

Outsource Customer Support to the Philippines

Outsource Customer Support to the Philippines with STAFFVIRTUAL, a top customer service company in the Philippines. We can provide your customers with amazing experiences, whether via live chat support, email support, in-app messaging or voice / phone support.

STAFFVIRTUAL hires and manages experienced support experts to keep clients focused on scaling and expanding their business while we manage the customer touches. Book a free consultation with the CX experts at STAFFVIRTUAL to learn more.

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What Customer Support Channels do you need help with?

STAFFVIRTUAL makes it easy for companies to quickly build a Customer Support team in the Philippines. No matter what channel customers are on, we’ll meet them there with consistently robust and delightful customer experiences. Whether your clients are looking for service, tech or sales support, we'll be there for them.

Click "Outsourcing Calculator" to instantly receive a monthly cost estimate for your CX team in the Philippines. Your customers will be in safe hands with us.

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We can increase your customer satisfaction across all channels

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Your customers expect an exceptional experience—seamless and personalized, every channel, every time. Make sure your customers get the amazing experiences they want and deserve. Below is a partial list of the Customer Services positions we routinely provide:

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service to the Philippines

You can monitor performance

We have the resources to guarantee the effectiveness of your customer service agents. Rest assured that your CX team is performing at its best always.

Opens up in-house manpower to other tasks

Outsourcing your Customer Support team abroad means that you’ll be able to maximize your in-house manpower for other areas like boosting sales and profit.

High-level English proficiency

While the Philippines’ national language is Tagalog, English is the number one spoken language in the Philippines and outsourcing is the number one industry.

Access to a talented workforce

Universities churn out many skilled and trained employees every year. Simply, it’s much cheaper and easier to get talent in the Philippines.


Your business can now more easily scale up or down a workforce, or venture in to entirely new lines of business.

Provide service 24/7/365

With an offshore Customer Support team, you can provide amazing customer experiences and operate your business day or night.

Greatly reduced exposure to lawsuits

You don’t have deal with lawsuits or labor disputes with outsourced employees. Reduce your chances of employment related litigation.

Reduced healthcare costs and benefits

Besides the tremendous cost-savings, reducing management headaches is the second most common reason people outsource.

Easier HR and management

While you are still responsible for training and task allocation, we’ll handle ensuring your workers turn up on time, dealing with leave reporting and tax returns.

Work-life Balance

Outsourcing can improve your work-life balance. We’ll take care of the repetitive and arduous tasks that take up your time.


We have extensive CX experience using the world’s leading cloud-based solutions. Our Customer Support teams employ the latest technologies to create customer experiences that combine a strong technical back-end, with the legendary soft skills of the Filipino people.


Office 365





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