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What is an Email Support Agent?

An Email Support Agent is a person who receives and answers customer inquiries on behalf of the companies or businesses they work for via email. It is their responsibility to provide quality instructions or responses to be able to resolve the customer's issue. They are skilled multitaskers, able to use troubleshooting, technical, communication and typing skills all at the same time. They are emphatic, courteous and always express a sincere desire to help.

What Does an Email Support Agent Do?

Email Support Agents take customer concerns and respond with straight to the point and concise emails. They are tasked to handle multiple inquiries and provide correct answers or appropriate resolutions. They are customer service pros equipped with extreme multitasking skills who can work on composing emails while assessing the situation of the customer giving proper consideration to their level of understanding, technical capabilities, and urgency of the matter. Email support agents are usually the ones taking in the email even beyond office hours just to make sure all queries are settled for the day with professionalism and correct information to help customers.

How Do I Hire an Email Support Agent?

An Email Support Agent must possess the skills and training needed to be able to perform well on the job. It is important to screen candidates on their analytical skills to ensure that the concern is well understood and handled in an effective manner. One must also be technically sound, is capable of creating fluid sentences with impeccable grammar, and of course with above average typing speed. Furthermore, the candidate for the job must have a "customer's first before profit" mentality.

How Much Does an Email Support Agent Cost?

The cost of hiring an Email Support Agent depends on the agreement of the client and the agent. For individual contractors, the usually charge by the hour. Companies like STAFFVIRTUAL generally charge a flat fee per month. Other factors that may affect their rates are their experience in the job, educational attainment, and how they feel about the job itself.

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