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In-App Support Specialists

In-App Support Specialist in the Philippines provide customer experiences so seamlessly, it almost seems like magic

In-App Support Specialists

What is an In-App Specialist?

In-App Support Specialists in the Philippines, powered by software such as Embeddables and Zendesk, allow your help desk to exist anywhere your customers are, whether it be on their mobile devices, your website, or a standalone smart device. Your customers can interact with your In-App Support Specialists in a native environment, making your customer service a seamless experience.

What Does an In-App Specialist Do?

By having a team of In-App Support Specialists in the Philippines, companies can reach out and offer support, provide information, or start a conversation easily with their customers. And because it’s so seamlessly integrated into the mobile app, the customer experience feels magical.

How Do I Hire an In-App Specialist?

Hire In-App Suppor Specialists in the Philippines with STAFFVIRTUAL. Combine web widgets and Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS with a powerful team of In-app Support Specialists in the Philippines. With your help desk embedded  natively into any app, website, or standalone device, you will maintain brand consistency, increases the efficiency of support interactions, and keep friction to a minimum for your valued customers.

How Much Does an In-App Specialist?

Usually about the same amount as a Customer Support Representative who works on other channels (phone, SMS/Text, & Live Chat). Now, you can meet your customers where they are without taking them out of an immersive experience.

Below are the tools that can provide cost estimate of outsourcing In-App Customer Support to the Philippines:

  • Outsourcing Calculator — Instantly receive a monthly cost estimate for your team in the Philippines.
  • Request a Proposal — Get a detailed proposal for our business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions
  • Book a Call — Schedule a time to speak with us and learn if outsourcing makes sense for your business.

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