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Inbound Phone Support Representative


Inbound Phone Support Outsourcing to the Philippines is still a common & important tool for effective customer experience – especially for high-touch engagements or luxury brands

What is an Inbound Phone Support Representative?

Inbound call center services deliver outstanding customer experiences through inbound phone support representatives. An Inbound Phone Support Representative is a person who receives inquires, service requests or complaints and provides answers or resolutions through the phone. They have the skill, product and technical knowledge to deal with the call personally or, if necessary, transfer the call to a specialist. Phone support representatives are often the front liners when it comes to customers needing assistance since they make them feel that they are there to intently listen to their concerns and are dedicated to providing resolutions.

What Does an Inbound Phone Support Representative Do?

An Inbound Phone Support Representative may perform various functions while dealing with a client. From customer service responsibilities and driving sales, to documentation and routine tasks, they interact with customers on a one-on-one basis in a customer-friendly yet professional tone via phone. It is their duty to answer calls quickly and minimize waiting times for customers to maintain a consistent standard of service at all times.

How Do I Hire an Inbound Phone Support Representative?

In hiring an Inbound Phone Support Representative, it is important to make sure that they have the key skills needed to be an effective representative. Having good communication skills is essential for a representative to be able to establish a good and clear flow of conversation while providing accurate and professional response. Most clients prefer representatives from the Philippines because Filipinos are fluent in English and have a neutral accent that makes it easier for customers to understand and establish a solid conversation. The representative should also be analytical, pleasing, and willing to go the extra mile.

How Much Does an Inbound Phone Support Representative Cost?

The cost of a representative depends on the level of experience. It also differs depending on the account and field of calls they will be handling. Clients usually hire people from the Philippines as they work at a lower cost compared to other countries but deliver great results. They save time and cost in training since English has become a second language for most Filipinos. It is important to assess a candidate's communication and problem solving skills in hiring an Inbound Phone Support Representative.

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