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What is a Live Chat Support Agent?

Live chat agents are the solution to providing 24/7 interaction with customers. A Live Chat Support Agent is responsible for answering queries and assisting customers through chat. It is their duty to be readily available to provide help or a solution in real-time, thus the term "live". They possess the skills, training and work experience to be able to handle queries from customers in a professional, clear, and concise manner.

What Does a Live Chat Support Agent Do?

Live chat outsourcing Support Agents are customer support professionals who are ready to answer your queries in real-time. They often appear on websites, welcoming you and asking if you need any help or assistance. Don't mistake them for bots, they are real people using live chat software to be able to attend to your concerns - just like chatting with your friend. More than just driving the conversation toward a defined resolution, they're experts in having meaningful conversations with customers. They can also help drive leads, convert and retain customers by answering a simple question or two.

How Do I Hire a Live Chat Support Agent?

Hiring Live Chat Support agents can be a little tricky. Applicants for this position are often millennials, or students looking for part-time jobs. Anyone may know how to chat online but not everyone can be a live chat support agent. You must pick agents who are equipped with both superb customer service skills and a keen drive to sell, all the while creating a friendly atmosphere in a restrained text-based manner. You can hire Live Chat Support Agents through online platforms or outsourcing companies. They narrow the field to the most qualified candidates for the position, from whom you can select from.

How Much Does a Live Chat Support Agent Cost?

The cost of hiring a Live Chat Support Agent varies on different factors. It depends on how many hours they would cover for your customers, what field or industry will they be supporting, and their level of experience in this field. Costs can be discussed based on your assessment of their background and also the terms you will both agree on such as number of working hours and days. Those looking for part time jobs may cost a little lower than those who will cover a full-time shift for a live chat support agent.

Below are the tools that can provide cost estimate of outsourcing Live Chat Support Agent to the Philippines:

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