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What is an Outbound Phone Support Representative?

An outbound call center is typically packed with individuals who are experts in answering customers' concerns, telemarketing, and boosting sales over the phone. They are known as Outbound Phone Support Representatives. An Outbound Phone Support Representative is an individual who makes outbound phone calls to customers who have questions or concerns related to their purchase experience, product use or when there is a problem with their account. They work in fast-paced call centers, handling clients in different industries. They are provided with the needed tools or technology and undergo training to be able to handle customers in an effective and friendly manner regardless of the situation. As Outbound Phone Support Representatives, they are required to exhibit good communication, multitasking and troubleshooting skills.

What Does an Outbound Phone Support Representative Do?

An Outbound Phone Representative has a range of responsibilities to fulfill but the nature of their work revolves around making outbound phone calls to customers to answer concerns, verify customer information, offer information about the company or product, and handle complaints. There are also Outbound Customer Service Representatives who are solely tasked to contact current and potential clients. They are usually given a script to follow to avoid dead air during conversations but since most of the conversations are done in a real time, being analytic and well-experienced is very useful.

How Do I Hire an Outbound Phone Support Representative?

Hiring an Outbound Phone Support Representative often takes a lot of work in skill assessment. If they will be selling a product or service, they must possess a natural drive in sales. Also, they need to have effective and good communication skills. This is vital since they need to be able to relay information to customers in a clear and comprehensible manner to avoid any confusion. It is advisable to study their skills and disposition well before making an offer.

How Much Does an Outbound Phone Support Representative Cost?

The cost of an Outbound Phone Support Representative varies from location and industry of the client. Their educational background and work experience also have bearing in determining the rate they deserve. Based on recent trend analysis, more and more clients are hiring representatives from the Philippines since Filipinos can speak English fluently and in a neutral accent. This makes them more understandable and clear in telephone conversations. The cost of hiring a representative also depends on what account will the designation be. Accounts that are solely dedicated to customer service costs less than technical related fields.

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