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Telemarketing Specialist


Telemarketing campaigns require the right planning, preparedness and strategy to reap dividends. Your telemarketing strategy needs to be defined long before the first agent puts on their headset. STAFFVIRTUAL can help you with dedicated planning from the start. We can help clients stay ahead of their competitors by building an offshore telemarketing team in 2-3 weeks

What is a Telemarketer?

Telemarketing companies provide the best and most cost-effective way to bring in more profits. That is why telemarketers are valued by entrepreneurs and SMEs. A Telemarketer or telemarketing agent is a person who conducts sales and marketing strictly through phone. They are usually situated in call centers with modern telecommunications technology to help them make outbound calls faster. Telemarketers are not only good conversationalists but they are very persuasive as well. They have a knack for building rapport with prospects before attempting to sell to them.

What Does a Telemarketer Do?

A Telemarketer makes outbound calls contacting businesses and individuals via telephone with the objective of promoting and selling goods and services, receiving orders, gathering information, verifying details and even requesting donations for charitable causes. They are expected to be persuasive in order to convince prospective customers that they need what they are selling, thus leading to a sale. There are times that they also need to answer phone calls from potential customers who are solicited from advertisements of the client.

How Do I Hire a Telemarketer?

In hiring a Telemarketer, it is vital to first check their sales ability. This key competency will help them "win" at each stage of the customer's buying process. They need to be able to explain your product well, establish interesting phone conversations, and have that drive to close a sale. If the candidate possesses these skills, the metrics set by the company would not be hard to reach and even exceed.

How Much Does a Telemarketer Cost?

A Telemarketer’s cost depends on the skill and level of experience. Clients often check the cost of hiring individuals by location. For example, hiring people from the Philippines is cheaper than hiring people from the US without compromising the quality of service provided. The cost of an individual also depends on the agreement with the employer. Some charge by the hour or whenever their services are needed only while some opt for a full time position which becomes a fixed cost to the employer.

Below are the tools that can provide cost estimate of outsourcing Telemarketer to the Philippines:

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  • Request a Proposal — Get a detailed proposal for our business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions
  • Book a Call — Schedule a time to speak with us and learn if outsourcing makes sense for your business.

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