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Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Philippines

We partner with law firms who are early adopters and want to increase their caseloads


Advances in technology have revolutionized today’s legal landscape, and the role of the legal professional has evolved. The automation and commoditization of legal processes has forced lawyers to become tech savvy, and savvy at implementing an offshore component to future proof their law firm.

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Benefits of Legal Outsourcing (LPO) to the Philippines


Law firms routinely hire 3-5 Paralegals or Legal Assistant with us, for the price of one back home.

Performance Management

We'll set KPIs for each key metric, constantly monitoring the performance of your paralegals.

Improved Focus

By delegating your non-core legal work, you can maximize your in-house employee’s focus on strategic initiatives.

Access to Emerging Technology

Gain access to the latest technology, high-end storage services, and research tools.

New Talent Pool

Philippines universities churn out fresh grads yearly eager to work in this rapidly emerging sector.


Your law firm can now more easily scale up or down a workforce, or venture in to entirely new lines of business.

Go 24/7

Since your night, is the Philippines’s day, you can provide round-the-clock services to your clients.


LPO also lessens the workload of your in-house professionals, and plugs the gaps in internal competencies.

Remove the Headaches

Besides the tremendous cost-savings, reducing management headaches is the second most common reason people outsource.

Common Law

The Philippines' legal system is based on Anglo-American Common Law, and very similar the the USA.

It’s Not Just for Big Firms

The first law firms to outsource we’re massive corporate firms. Now smaller firms can reap the same rewards.

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